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Cloud computing: All you wanted to know

Simon Hopes1136 07-May-2019

Cloud computing is a process which uses the network based on remote servers which are hosted on the internet in order to reserve, manage and process the data, instead of using any local server or any personal computer. This phrase is mostly used to describe the data centers available over the internet to many users.

Clouds are basically of three types, described as follows:-
a) Enterprise clouds- These clouds may be limited to a single organization. Users within the organization are allowed to access or process the given cloud data.
b) Public clouds- AWS Training, Cisco, IBM, etc. are public clouds as they are available to many users and organizations.
c) Hybrid clouds- Clouds which have both the features, limited but available to the public are called hybrid clouds.

This technology has brought a very big and important change in the IT sector as it has a lot of benefits. It reduces the cost, it increases the user’s flexibility, it further improves the agility of an organization and it even allows the users to access systems using a browser, no matter what is the device or where they are. Amazon AWS and DevOps Course are those courses through which one can learn about cloud computing and it’s maintenance along with some of the ways and sources used to develop such huge computing servers. Both of them support each other, Amazon Web Services supports DevOps by providing it several services in order to build, store and deploy certain applications as well as management tools and their configurations.

An individual can develop his cloud skills by getting AWS Training and Certification. This helps an individual a lot. This training programme can be done in a classroom or one can even learn it online (digital training). It includes AWS Cloud, IAM, Redshift, S3, EC2, Lambda cloud trail and a lot more. provides online certification and training to users who can implement AWS best practices in it. System administrators.

Programmes Network administrators, Graduates and professionals looking forward to upgrading and improving their skills in cloud computing, can take up this incredible course. In order to apply for this online training course, one must have some basic knowledge about any of the programming languages. If you want to know why you should opt for AWS online course, there are several interesting features such as an individual can earn $125,000 indeed. These services are being used by over 1 million customers from around 190 countries all over the world. This training course is as big as its four competitors, combined together. Hence, you can open the doors which lead to a virtually based unlimited job offers which would provide you a high salary package. AWS course content consists of the following topics, these topics provide basic knowledge and improvise an individual’s skills:

☆ Cloud computing- introduction
☆ Database services
☆ Auto-scaling and balancing
☆ Virtual Private Cloud as a Networking layer
☆ Application services
☆ IAM and it’s monitoring

All these also includes practical exercises and application of these on any account. An individual also gets the opportunity to work on real-time projects and assignments which include immense implications in our real-world scenarios. By the end of this training, there is a quiz that is conducted to give an example of a certification exam.

DevOps Course is basically another software developing course. This allows an individual, who works in software development or system operations and other IT production staff, to administer code releases. This promotes collaborating development team and operations team to deploy of code to the productions in an efficient and effective way.

If you need to gain the required skills for DevOps engineering jobs, you may opt for this training programme. An individual can also accomplish proficiency in DevOps and skills like delivery of deployment, infrastructure code, usage of tools like Got, SVN, Docker, etc. This certification programme includes deep knowledge about DevOps methodology,  software version control and it’s implementation, Explanation on Code on production,  creation of CI/CD pipelines using Jenkins, use of Nagios to perform tuning and monitoring.  IT professionals, software testers, system admins, security engineers, all can peruse this certification training programme. Basic knowledge about Linux or Scripting is essential and beneficial as well. DevOps and Cloud jobs are amongst the highest paying jobs according to Forbes magazine. This develops skills in the following sections:

       ☆ Infrastructure Setup
       ☆ DevOps- Introduction
       ☆ Software Version Control
      ☆ Usage of Docket
      ☆ Usage of a puppet in configuration
       ☆ Testing using Selenium

In this course, an individual works on demo projects based on Industry domains like media, finance, medical and more. These two courses are the best training courses which an individual can peruse easily and generate various job opportunities. There are certain websites an individual can refer to

Updated 07-May-2019

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