Why Are VPNs The Best Solution To Stopping Cybercrime?

A virtual private network (VPN) is an encrypted tunnel that is used to create a secure connection between two computers. Now you can have a VPN whereby multiple computers connect to the secure central server(s), and then those computers can communicate within the VPN. However, the idea is that the original connection from your computer is an encrypted one to a main central server. It is this central server that makes a two-way handshake authenticating all data packets sent to and from your computer.

As a result, if a hacker tries to intercept this connection, this person would not be able to capture any valuable data because the encryption will be too difficult and time consuming to crack. Now, that is not say it is impossible to hack these encrypted tunnels, but in most cases, a hacker with tech sophisticated enough to break the encryption would only be looking at bigger fish to catch.

Hacking an individual user could result in the time spent hacking the target could turn out to be a waste of time – like hacking someone with no money in their bank account – why spend all that time and effort for a dead end target.

Stopping Cybercrime Happening To You
If you have taken heed of what we have already said, then hopefully you understand that as an individual you have the power to dissuade hackers from making you their target. Let’s put it another way. You are logged onto to an internet router in a café. You have a VPN running on your device, be it your mobile, tablet, or laptop. (See miglior vpn for more info on VPNs).

Now there are another 2, 3, 4 or however many people also connected to the same outlet to the World Wide Web. None of them are using a VPN. Who is the hacker going to target?

Firstly, the hacker will not be able to see your connection’s activity. This is because your connection is sending commands to a central server, it is finding the websites for you, and then sending back the information to your computer. The same applies if you are connected to a work network or any other network. Secondly, as mentioned above, it would take too much time for a hacker that has chosen a café’s internet connection to capture information to defraud people.

Secondly, even if this person does gain access to your machine, all your internet data is not being recorded on your machine. VPN software offers complete privacy, and this means that the sites you visit are not recorded locally on your device. It is safe to say the hacker is going to choose another easier target to succeed.

Another advantage of using VPNs is that the companies that provide them have spent tens of thousands of dollars of security. This is something that you or a small company would likely not be able to invest in. However, because you have signed up to the VPN software, you have also signed up to their expensive and sophisticated security.

Weighing up all the information provided here, the key message is to not reply on other people’s internet security. Rely on yourself and yourself only to dictate how securely you connect to the internet. This way you will not become a target and instead send hackers towards those that are less security conscious about the way they connect to the web compared to yourself.

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