For many people, quitting a job is a daunting task. This may arise due to many reasons. It may be due to fear, the uncertainty of the future, or simply due to the paycheck at the end of the month. Many people confine themselves to horrible jobs just because there’s a sliver of ecstasy at the end of each month in the form of money. However, not everyone is in the same position. Work is a part of life, and just like life, there are bound to be good and bad times. Many of us sometimes feel like just quitting our jobs and walking out. But these aren’t to be mistaken as a sign of quitting. Just like a student who isn’t interested or invested in essay writing will try taking shortcuts via cheap essay writing services UK, so will a demotivated employee. Not a beneficial plan of action in any way.

So how does one feel sure when they’ve reached the end of the line, and need to quit? While it mostly comes down to one’s gut feeling, more often than not, there are going to be clear signs indicating its time to leave and never look back.

Toxic Work Environment

Much has been said about the importance of one’s workplace environment preceding any monetary incentive. Having an environment and colleagues that are supporting and conducive to learning and growing is important for one’s professional life. That’s all true since a toxic work environment is a clear-cut sign of quitting a job. Personal integrity is much more important than bearing any harassment, fighting or mistreatment. Remember, there is always plenty of other fish in the sea.

Target of Bullies

Bullying is an ever-present unfortunate issue in the world. Bullying can be a prevalent issue in all phases of life. Contrary to popular opinion, bullying isn’t just confined to the hallways and playgrounds of schools and colleges. Bullies can be found in the form of a workplace colleague, boss or even a client. If there’s no way to stop the bullying, and if people seem to be turning a blind eye to it, then quitting is the best plan of action.

No Career Growth

One should always make it a mission to grow and climb the corporate ladder. Being stuck with a dead-end job with no promotions in sight is a very critical sign that it’s time to look for other opportunities. Dead-end jobs can arise due to multiple reasons. Maybe the higher ups only favor family members, maybe the position one works in isn’t recognized enough, or maybe it’s simply because of some personal grudge. Whatever the reason, getting stuck in a position and waiting it out for several years is never a good thing to do.

No Purpose or Meaning

Finding a purpose or meaning in what one does is just as important as finding meaning in one’s own life. Not having a purpose in the work one does result in a lack of motivation and personal stimulation. All of this can lead to a sense of being directionless and ultimately despair. And no, money can never truly be meaningful or important for living a meaningful life.

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