How to Spot a Dodgy Moving Company

Make Sure they’re Local

If you're moving to another city, it probably makes sense to use local Melbourne movers. However, it also makes sense to use a mover with an office in both locations – your old city and your new one. Because if something goes wrong, the last thing you want (or need) is to have to travel back to your old city to deal with it.

Avoid Low Quotes like the Plague

Ridiculously cheap, low priced quotes from a moving company are a big warning sign for two reasons. 1) Their service is likely to be sub standard; you can expect rude, useless movers who have no problem breaking or damaging your stuff. And 2) many movers out there are happy to rope you in with a low quote, only to add charges left right and centre at the end of the move.

The fact is, hiring a moving company isn't cheap. The sooner you face that fact and accept it, the better. As the old saying goes, you get what you pay for.

Ask For an Exact Quote

Although generally speaking a reputable moving company will never give you an exact quote, it's your money on the line, so if possible, push for one. In saying that, a reputable moving company will stand by their moving quotes and estimates - as long as the information you've given them is true and correct. But if the movers you’re dealing with refuse to give you an accurate quote, you're asking for trouble if you continue to deal with them.

Is The Moving Company Registered?

Believe it or not, there are plenty of cowboys out there who don't even use a registered company to operate their moving business. If you use one of these guys, you're in big trouble. For a start, your move won't be covered by the Consumer Guarantees Act, as you weren't served by a business. And secondly, they probably don't even have insurance, which means you could be in trouble if something goes wrong.

To check if a moving company is registered, ask them for their company name, visit the Companies Office website and search for the name.

Check the Internet

There are some good internet sites out there that provide reviews on businesses. Chances are, if no one has anything good to say about the moving company you're thinking of using, you won't either.

Check the Fine Print

CYB – Cover Your Butt – is never more important than when moving house. Make sure you have a copy of the quote. Double check that you have all your household goods listed on the estimate. Check the fine print – make sure there's nothing in there that means you're waiving any rights you have if something goes wrong. Use a lawyer if you have to. It could save you thousands.

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