Truncate and Delete both is used to delete data from the table. Both these commands will only delete the data of the specified table; they cannot remove the whole table: data along with structure.

1)      TRUNCATE is a DDL (data definition language) command whereas DELETE is a DML (data manipulation language) command.

2)      You can use WHERE clause (conditions) with DELETE but you can't use WHERE clause with TRUNCATE.

3)      You can’t rollback data in TRUNCATE but in DELETE you can rollback data. TRUNCATE removes (delete) the record permanently.

4)      A trigger doesn’t get fired in case of TRUNCATE whereas Triggers get fired in DELETE command.

5)      If tables which are referenced by one or more FOREIGN KEY constraints then TRUNCATE will not work.

6)      TRUNCATE resets the Identity counter if there is any identity column present in the table where delete not resets the identity counter.

7)      Delete and Truncate both are logged operation. But DELETE is a logged operation on a per row basis and TRUNCATE logs the deallocation of the data pages in which the data exists.

8)      TRUNCATE is faster than DELETE.

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