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What is Nakshatra Shanti Pooja?

What is Nakshatra Shanti Pooja?

Trimbakeshwar org336 19-Jan-2023

What is Nakshatra Shanti Pooja?

At the time of our birth, the positioning of planes decides the Nakshatra of our horoscope. Narkshatra Shanti Pooja performs to remove the negative effects of Nakshatra from our life. Nakshatra has two periods one is Mahadasha and the second is Antardasha. Nakshatra Shanti Pooja helps us to get positive effects from Lord Nakshatra. It is suggested that performing Nakshatra Shanti Pooja once a year is good for the betterment of native's life. 


Types of Nakshatra Shanti Pooja : 


Ashlesha Nakshatra Shanti

Vishakha Nakshatra Shanti

Mool Nakshatra Shanti

Revati Nakshatra Shanti

Ashvini Nakshatra Shanti

Magha Nakshatra Shanti

Jyeshta Nakshatra Shanti


According to Jyotishastra people who were born in Ashlesah, Jayeshta and Revati Nakshatra for them it is good to worship Mercury.

Astrology says, Nakshatra performs a very major role in our life. When we born our destiny is decided and according to the positioning of all planets Jyotish tells us a specific zodiac sign of us.


Nakshatra and Planets play an important role in persons professional, educational, health, and Nature. In Astrology instead of Graha there are a total of 27 Nakshatra and it plays a major role in our life. The negative effect of Nakshatra changes persons whole life. And correct the positioning of planets and Nakshatra we perform a Nakshatra Shanti Pooja.


From all 27 Nakshatra’s 6 Naksahtra’s are considered a inauspicious and it is known as a Gand Mool Nakshatra’s.

Ashlesha Nakshatra : 

This Pooja takes two days to complete. Starting this Pooja on Wednesday gives us the best result.


Mool Nakshatra Shanti : 

In this Pooja eleven thousands planets mantrass are chanted, 27 leaves of different Nakshatra’s and water of 27 different places are collect for the Pooja. And people who were born on this Nakshatra have to donate brown color clothes and a cate’s eye stone.


Jayeshtha Nakshatra: 

This Pooja takes seven days to complete and always start this Pooja on Wednesday.


Magh Nakshatra :

Usually, this Pooja is performed for to remove the band effects of Jayeshta Nakshatra. And also to improve the benefits of Magh Nakshatra people perform this Pooja


Revati Nakshatra : 

This Pooja performs to calm Jayeshtha Nakshatra and othe negative planets effects and also to get benefits of Revati Nakshatra.


Ashvini Nakshatra : 

To remove the effects of Ashvini Nakshatra


And all this six Pooja is also known as a Gand Mool Dosh Nivaran Pooja.


Pooja cost in Trimbakeshwar Temple with the Tamrapatradhari Trimbakeshwar Pandit is dependent on Samagri and Havan.


For Online Pooja booking visit official website of Trimbakeshwar temple.


Trimbakeshwar Temple Official Website of Purohit Sangh ! Welcome to the official website of Purohit sangh ( It is an official committee of approximately 300 authenticated Guruji. They are registered and certified with registration number Y203-215. Purohit Sangh Guruji are members of the Trimbakeshwar Temple trust. They all are Tamrapatradhari Purohits. Tamrapatra Dhari means they have a legal birthright to perform various puja in the Trimbakeshwar Shiva Temple.

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