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Why You Shouldn't Use WhatsApp for Business Communication

Why You Shouldn't Use WhatsApp for Business Communication

HARIDHA P 139 21-Dec-2022

Communication that is secure for business: WhatsApp's data privacy track record is appalling

WhatsApp has received harsh criticism in the past for failing to safeguard the privacy of its customers' data. Additionally, the European Court of Justice found that Facebook and other US digital corporations do not offer their European consumers an acceptable level of personal data protection.

If your workers use WhatsApp for work-related communications on their mobile devices, they put your firm at severe risk for security and data breaches.

Employees continue to use WhatsApp for business interactions every day despite the numerous legal, moral, and personal hazards that come with it.

Lack of Coordination Affects Productivity

Another significant drawback of utilizing WhatsApp for business communications is that it occasionally leads to greater uncertainty and disarray. Managing corporate communication over WhatsApp is a nightmare due to the need to handle many group chats, lack of user administration, and user names like 'Dragon Princess.'

In the end, all of this misunderstanding results in imprecise, fragmented, and disconnected professional communication. In the end, WhatsApp does more to hinder productivity than to enhance it. The goal is effectively defeated if you spend the first fifteen minutes of your shift attempting to determine which group chat your closing checklist was emailed to. You can find much information regarding this on Increditools.

User Management Issues Lead to Security Problems

WhatsApp is at the bottom of the list in terms of secure messaging. The app is frequently breached. It is plagued by con artists and susceptible to malware attacks.

Nevertheless, several additional security issues are brought about by WhatsApp's group messaging limitations and its inability to scale user management.

If you're in charge of a big business, it's impossible to scale your internal communications across the entire organization because WhatsApp groups can only have 100 members.

Why You Need a GDPR-Compliant Communication Tool Executives must now do in-depth internal analyses to update their rules on the collection, storage, and use of personal data of EU residents. Breaching GDPR has enormous financial repercussions. To ensure that the implementation of top-notch data security processes and technology is correctly managed, we advise mapping all data assets and employing specialized data protection specialists on a full-time or contract basis.

Your internal communications are more affected than you might expect by the new GDPR requirements. Due to the company's failure to adequately inform its customers of its data consent procedures, the internet tech giant Google has already been fined 50 million euros.

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