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How do you Qualify for a Wikipedia Page? A- Comprehensive Guide

How do you Qualify for a Wikipedia Page? A- Comprehensive Guide

Susan Parker 190 06-Dec-2022

If you are running your business and want to create a Wikipedia page for your brand,  your company needs to fulfill the essential criteria as maintained by Wikipedia. To make your business page a success, it is recommended that the company should meet the notability standards. Notability guidelines are an essential part of Wikipedia that ensure that the subject, whether a person, brand, or company, should have high credibility on Wikipedia. Having a positive reputation allow companies to qualify for notability. 

Many companies have created their Wikipedia business page, but they are unsure whether their page will pass the notability standards. If they have submitted an article, it takes several weeks to review their paper. The companies do not know whether the article will be approved or not. Furthermore, the publication admin will not allow them to edit the content for lack of credibility and notability of the page. Additionally, the company or individual does not get any evidence of why the draft was rejected. Therefore, the companies feel jeopardized.

It is quite a challenging task to create a personal Wikipedia profile. Consequently, Wikipedia has notability requirements that suggest that organizations should have noticeable effects on culture, society, entertainment, sports,  business, and education. Therefore, the companies should prove their authenticity by clarifying their objectives and purpose of creating a Wikipedia page.

Professional Wikipedia experts assert that the page's content should be taken from provable sources comprising publications, magazines, or academic journals. It is strictly prohibited not to use any previously written content. Large corporate organizations should incorporate verifiable information about their brand and services. Statistics and data are required to be taken from reliable sources. Consequently, it increases their notability.

Conversely, small organizations are responsible for establishing their notability by offering verified documents and data of the company, employees, and owner. To avoid damage to the company’s reputation, businesses must avoid using arbitrary standards for verification. Uninformed sources create a bias favoring larger organizations or their products that may disrupt the notability of the Wikipedia page. 

How Wikipedia pages maintain their integrity

Many businesses are trying to build their reputation as more consumers have shifted their decision-making process. More than 40% of digital marketers strongly focus on creating a business page on Wikipedia to enhance their business reputation management strategy. The Wiki page lets the business know what consumers think about the firm, its brand, and its services. It's about having a good reputation and building trust and credibility with the customers that increase the company’s notability. As Wikipedia has a high ranking among other  websites, its pages instantly appear when people search for the company or professionals. Having a credible and reliable personal Wikipedia page is highly beneficial since it helps bring more business prospects and build connections with a wider audience.

The significance of creating and maintaining a Wiki allows writers and copy editors to follow the essential Wikipedia notability guidelines. Generally, businesses gain notability for their Wikipedia page if they make regular contributions in the form of writing articles and blogs that demonstrate relevant data and information such as the background, company profile, and services. It will help clients to know the company's purpose, mission, and revolutionary vision. Having a profile on Wikipedia help to build consumer loyalty, optimize the company's online presence and bring notable market performance.

Let’s dive into the details of how companies can achieve notability.

  • Review the community guidelines before creating a page

According to behavioral guidelines, community people, including writers and editors, should be compliant to create a high-quality neutral encyclopedia. Since public sponsors and benefactors back Wikipedia, the pages created should be informative and not a marketing copy. Therefore, social groups wishing to edit the pages should be aware of social norms and expectations. The rules maintain that anyone can edit the Wikipedia page. The purpose of editing should be to improve the quality of the encyclopedia pages and avoid promoting personal agendas. Wikipedia policy maintains that the page's credibility relies on community reputation and trust. The users, including writers and editors, should collaborate and sustain each other’s prestige. Consequently, the editors should avoid dishonest acts and maintain transparency and partiality in editing the pages. 


  • Help Community people build the notability of your page

Community people, including editors and writers, should follow the page creation procedure. It suggests that the individual should be an auto-confirmed user. It signifies that them to become a registered user before opening the account. Since Wikipedia does not permit anonymous users, the editors should build their credibility by editing a few pages before creating their page. For instance, edit 5 to 10 wiki pages or articles to learn about the editing procedure. Once their credibility is recognized, their pages are viewed frequently by other community editors. Allow contributors to send their articles and blogs to your page. Multiple people can keep updating information on the wiki page.

Furthermore, you can also take assistance from colleagues, Wikipedia writers, and editors who know you well. Allow them to edit your page daily by inserting authentic information about your personal life or company’s services. You can build a social network on LinkedIn or Twitter. Various online platforms will help you find more people who can positively support your Wikipedia page. 

Moreover, you can add relevant details of your personal life and career. Verify your page through references and sources from authentic sites. Moreover, keep your page active. If the page is not found updated, it can be discarded. 

  • Create content that interests a large audience

To build notability, editors and writers should consider a topic that favors a wide audience. You cannot pick up a topic from scratch, as using the original topic is prohibited on Wikipedia. Therefore, choose a topic that has already been discussed in peer-review journals or discoursed by academic scholars. Consequently, also provide a sufficient amount of credible sources that support the topic. 

  • Build notability of the page by citing authentic references

As Wikipedia is an informative platform, people may post random and obscure material anonymously. Vague and irrelevant topics fail to meet the notability guidelines. To increase the article's reliability, the notability rules maintain that the editors should incorporate references and citations  that are reliable, independent, and published in peer-reviewed journals or notable newspapers. 

According to notability rules, the editors can also use secondary sources. It includes newspapers, books, magazines, TV, documentaries, reports, and academic journals as they provide objective evidence of the subject. However, third-party or self-published sources are subjected tostrict editorial scrutiny. For instance, the coverage and information cited from the media outlet are not considered notable. Marketing and PR content, such as news releases, website websites, or biographies, are unreliable. 

To maintain the notability of the page, the editorial team thoroughly checks the media content's reliability. They ensure that media citations should be independent of the page’s subject. Citations should focus on the page subject. There can be a few reliable sources that prove the validity of the topic. Avoid using too many references. It can confuse editors who will delete sources, considering them irrelevant. 

The Notability assessment standards maintain that the Wikipedia page should not give a promotional look. The policy prohibits using marketing jargon that may make content promotional. Therefore, editors should use a neutral tone. The news articles, blogs, and forums on the Wikipedia page should be informative and helpful for the viewers. 

  • Make the visitors feel more involved

As the company gains high notability based on merit, it increases its online page reliability. The people who desire to visit your personal Wikipedia page get fascinated if the page provides updated information. For instance, you can keep the page active by telling a compelling business story. You can make the readers feel more involved by posting a professional profile and adding work performance and brand information. Moreover, add images, visuals, and infographics to help create stunning content for your wiki business page. Well-informed blogs and articles help customers know about existing brands and upcoming projects. Consequently, the content uploaded to Wikipedia pages helps build the page's authenticity and increase page ranking. 

  • Hire a Wikipedia page creation service to create and maintain your page

Since creating and maintaining a Wikipedia page is challenging, many users either lack the knowledge or expertise to develop and maintain their Wikipedia profiles. Therefore, it is preferable to seek professional assistance. You may find consulting wikis that will handle your page effectively. They will regulate the content, make additions, or remove content that seems biased or over-promotional. Moreover, they will take care of the regular updates and customer visits that help to build your online profile. 

Hence, hiring a marketing agency is highly beneficial as they are completely aware of handling Wikipedia pages. They can manage all complexities, such as adding or removing unfavorable content. Hence, they help build the notability of the  Wiki pages. 

To recapitulate 

If you are looking forward to increasing your brand's online visibility, you need to create a Wikipedia business page. While making your page, fulfill notability requirements. Wikipedia notability guidelines state a company can qualify for Wikipedia if the article's topic has significant coverage in reliable sources. Moreover, the sources should be authentic and independent and have been published in notable journals, books, or sites. Avoid using a lot of references to support a single sentence or paragraph. It may perplex an editor as they may find the article unethical, and it may face rejection. Moreover, the rules suggest that the wiki page should be written informatively and not as a marketing copy. Hence, companies should keep the page updated and add accurate information on the Wikipedia page to build credibility and notability.

Susan Parker is a popular freelance writer currently associated with a reputable book writing firm. He wishes to let people know how to avail expert book-writing services at reasonable rates. At present, he is writing blogs to help people understand how ghostwriting services work.

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