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How can technology improve our lives?

How can technology improve our lives?

HARIDHA P 135 27-Nov-2022

Technology influences virtually every aspect of modern living, from transportation safety and effectiveness to food and healthcare availability, sociability, and performance. The power of the internet has made it easy to create different parts of the world and share information and resources. Overuse of some technologies, on the other hand, has been linked to a loss in mental health, increased social divisiveness, and privacy concerns.

Every day, we take technology for granted, even whether it is instantly sending us the latest news, brewing our coffee, or connecting us with a loved one halfway across the nation (or even the world).

Communication has improved

'Watson, please come here; I need to see you.' Back in 1876, Alexander Graham Bell spoke these remarks about his groundbreaking invention, and it's fair to say that the dependable telephone has had a nice run. Bell had hoped that there would be 'one in every town.' Of course, he was correct; nowadays, everyone has one in their pocket. However, technological advancements have resulted in the classic voice call being phased out in favor of messaging and social media as a means of communication

Video calling is another media that has grown in popularity in recent years. It's not very novel - the notion has been around for about as long as Bell's telephone - but the revolution of high-speed broadband at reasonable rates means that sending and receiving the amounts of data required for a video conversation is now simple.

While video calling has quietly crept into daily life over the last decade, the current pandemic has pushed it over the edge and ensured its future as an everyday way to stay in touch.

Families and friends are meeting up and socializing through video calls more than ever before, thanks to lockdowns and social alienation. If you had never thought of Zoom around 2020, you will have by now, and while there are other alternative video conferencing apps available, Zoom has established itself as the perfect example for video call in the public imagination. This is supported by the company's earlier claim of 300 million 'everyday participants,' contrasted to 'just' 10 million in December 2019.

The Healthcare Industry Improved Its Efficiency

Another significant advantage of technology in people's lives is the advancement of the healthcare industry. Long clinical lines and hours of waiting for a doctor's consultation are still a thing of the past. Patients can use their mobile phones to schedule a trip to the emergency room and check the availability of their physician's office. They won't have to waste time traveling to a medical facility merely to be informed that even a doctor is unavailable. 

Technology has also transformed healthcare treatments more efficiently and quicker. For example, many health institutions have already been adopting hospital document scans to capture outmoded medical papers for easy accessibility.

It is now easier to obtain information

Prior to the digital age, searching for specific information meant poring over printed sources such as books, newspapers, and periodicals. However, all you require right now is a phone and Internet connectivity to find what you're searching for.

Thousands of information are accessible on a variety of online platforms, making it simple to locate the data you need. Technology tools, for example, allow individuals to gain access to knowledge about individual health concerns that are just not sufficient to necessitate medical action. You may take care of minor health issues at home, such as allergies or a cold, by searching for natural cures or preventive measures.

Medical Developments

Treatments that formerly appeared impossible are now possible because of advances in technology. Complex procedures, such as liver transplants or chemotherapy, are routinely in use in hospitals to treat seriously ill patients.

Patients with serious health issues have a better chance of survival today, given to technology's tremendous contributions to the area of medicine. Various medical research and development efforts have also been made to find therapies for dangerous diseases that were thought to be incurable prior to technological advances.

Better Learning Opportunities

To keep children motivated, classroom instruction is becoming more dynamic and interesting. Teachers utilize technology to arrange activities and develop learning resources that may assist pupils in paying attention in class.

E-learning and remote learning have also become possible thanks to technological tools and web applications. People who want to study can now do so from the convenience of their own homes. The incorporation of technological tools in learning provides students with additional freedom and access to education that was not before available.

Students can now access classes online as well as additional resources such as videos and research papers to help them with their study.

Last Thoughts

There is no arguing that technology has simplified lives better.  It's difficult to imagine a day without technology because it's there in almost everything people use. Of course, the digital age has significant drawbacks, such as over-reliance on mobile phones or addiction to social media.

However, there is no doubt that technology has improved many aspects of life for everyone. Technologies have significantly improved crucial parts of today's society, such as education and health care.

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