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What to look for in a content marketer?

What to look for in a content marketer?

HARIDHA P 337 29-Sep-2022

Outbound marketing costs 62% more than content marketing. Despite this, it generates three times the number of leads. People are becoming accustomed to intrusive (outbound) marketing efforts, hence using permissive marketing techniques as content marketing is becoming increasingly important.

That is why you should hire a skilled content marketer. To assist you in doing so, I'll highlight some crucial content marketer attributes to look for.

What Exactly Is a Content Marketer?

If you ask 10 different people what a content marketer is, you're likely to hear ten different replies. This is due to the fact that content marketing is defined differently depending on who you ask.

A content marketer, on the other hand, is someone who is in charge of planning, developing, and distributing valuable material on behalf of a company. That content has the following functions: attracting leads, increasing brand awareness, keeping readers interested, converting leads into customers and converting clients into brand advocates and repeat buyers.

Characteristics of Effective Content Marketers

Now that you understand what a content marketer is, what they do, and why they are so important to your business, let's dive into the attributes you should look for when choosing a content marketer.

1. Great Content Marketers Strive for Success

As you look for your fairy, you'll come across two types of content marketers.

The first type regards content marketing as a task that must be accomplished. They only worry about checking the appropriate boxes and calling it a day. This is not the type of content marketer you want.

The aim drives the second type of content marketer. They aspire to create the greatest material possible on any particular topic. Not only that, but they are committed to presenting their brand as the go-to thought leader in their industry.

Ambitious content marketers aspire to provide the best content possible, not just outstanding content. They work hard to guarantee that their material is seen by the correct people by actively advertising it.

2. Great Content Marketers Concentrate

Content marketers who are successful are laser-focused. What does this imply? It's simple to fill a content calendar with broad themes that readers may (or may not) find interesting. However, the question is whether broad content pushes the marketing needle. No, it does not. It may receive a lot of views and engagement, but it is a waste of time and resources if it does not convert.

Great content marketers create material with a purpose in mind. This is material that is beneficial to both your brand and its target audience. While this may make it more difficult to fill your content calendar, it results in superior content quality.

3. Great Content Marketers Consider Value

Your audience is aware that not all material is created equal. That's why they never bother with fluff.

Look for a content marketer who focuses on providing value. These are the content marketers who put value in every piece of content they create. They understand exactly what your audience requires and deliver on it.

Content marketers must be compassionate in order to provide valuable content. By putting oneself in the shoes of their audience, they are better able to identify and explain client pain concerns.

4. Great content marketers are imaginative and creative.

In a world when information saturation is a problem, creating content that stands out from the crowd requires imagination. One method is to break away from the cookie-cutter material that everyone in your niche is producing.

Creativity and a creative mind are important attributes to seek for in a content marketer. They are characteristics that will assist your content marketer in identifying new viewpoints, content gaps, and storytelling concepts that will help your material stand out.


Professional content marketers recognise that missing even one deadline may have a significant impact on their business. They plan out a year's worth of blog content and stick to a rigid publishing schedule. This includes the following:

  • keyword investigation
  • creation of a topic
  • audience research and search intent
  • selecting the best writers
  • distribution on the appropriate platforms

Keeping your content marketing machine running smoothly necessitates good project management abilities. Fortunately, there are numerous project marketing tools available to assist in streamlining the process.

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