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How effective is marketing on Twitter?

How effective is marketing on Twitter?

HARIDHA P 180 28-Sep-2022

With over 145 million daily users, Twitter should be a component of any marketing strategy. It's the fifth most popular social media network, and it's a treasure trove of customer insights and opportunities to promote your brand, boost sales, and get admirers.

However, with 500 million tweets made every day, you must be strategic and astute at capturing (and keeping) your audience's attention.

How to Plan a Twitter Marketing Campaign

You should always approach social media with a strategy, and Twitter is no exception. The key to success is understanding how the platform operates and how it fits into your broader social media strategy.

So, where do you begin when developing a Twitter marketing strategy? The components of a successful foundation are explained below.

Examine your financial statements

Does your company already have a Twitter account or multiple accounts? Your first step should be to document all existing histories and who is responsible for them on your team.

Set objectives

Having defined, quantifiable goals is the first step toward success on any social media site. You can't tell if your strategy is having a beneficial influence on your business unless you know what you're aiming to accomplish.

You want to set SMART goals, which are Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, and Time-bound. So 'going viral' does not qualify. These objectives should be aligned with your high-level business objectives and broken down into measurable success indicators.

Examine the competition

Isn't doing an excellent job in and of itself a reward? Sure, sure. But face it: you want to leave your competitors in the dust.

Don't forget to check out your industry competitors' Twitter profiles. Analyzing their social media can help you enhance your own by showing flaws or gaps in their plan and methods to differentiate yourself.

Assign responsibilities

It would be best to guarantee that your accounts are being checked and that someone responds to direct messages and remarks. Twitter conversations happen quickly, so your followers will notice if you aren't checking in frequently, and a failure to be responsive and timely will harm your brand.

Active accounts, such as Vancouver's Translink, may require many staff members to monitor them. Individual team members sign their names to personalize their customer support.

Make guidelines.

To keep your messaging clear and consistent, a social media style guide is required. Guidelines can help you onboard new team members and avoid social media blunders.

Your rules should be distributed to everyone on your social media team and may incorporate components of your more extensive brand style guide, such as tone and audience information.

Make a content schedule.

Planning your material requires some work up front, but it saves you time and effort later. You'll be pleased you did it when you're not scrambling at the last minute to come up with a funny, original tweet for #NationalDoughnutDay.

A social media content schedule is essential for coordinating the information you're posting across your channels and identifying any gaps and conflicts. It is also beneficial to you. Planning ahead of time allows you to take advantage of possibilities for topical or intriguing material, such as highlighting your sustainability practices on Earth Day or honoring your female founder on International Women's Day.

Assess your impact

Once your marketing strategy is in place, you must frequently evaluate your efforts and track your progress against your established SMART goals.

However, the amount of data available to you can be overwhelming—there are numerous indicators at your disposal, including vanity metrics that aren't always important. So consider which indicators are significant. It's nice to get a lot of retweets from a witty meme, but did any of those result in conversions or sales?


Twitter is an effective platform for providing real-time updates and prompt customer service remedies to your consumers. They want specific information, which you can readily supply on Twitter.

The type of content you share might also impact your success. On Twitter, video has emerged as a dominant kind of content, and users are devouring it. Remember that your consumers aren't the only ones on Twitter.

Brands are using the platform in unprecedented numbers to generate leads, identify partners, and network with influencers. The network has also evolved.

Updated 28-Sep-2022
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