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The Role of Smart Thermostats In Saving Money On Household Energy Bills

The Role of Smart Thermostats In Saving Money On Household Energy Bills

Austin Luthar 218 14-Sep-2022

Artificial Intelligence could be the way to take the edge off the rising cost of energy and might just be the secret weapon for householders faced with a big hike in utility costs.

Any help to save money is welcome, but many homes already have a Smart thermostat device. The big question is, are they making the best use of it?

How Do Smart Thermostats Work?

Smart Thermostats are designed to cut back on energy consumption.

They connect to your home Wi-Fi network so that you can then access the software from your smartphone, tablet, or voice assistant.

Smart Thermostats control all types of heating, including regular central heating, and if you have Smart appliances like fridges and televisions, then these can be operated by mobile applications.

Smart thermostats can be applied to all types of boilers including mains gas, LPG, oil, and electricity, plus many will work with biomass boilers or heat pumps.

Smart Thermostats are also compatible with newer technology like a portable solar generators. These represent the next level of energy efficiency, just using the power of ultraviolet light.

Designed for cheaper on-grid living, off-grid locations and emergency outages, some designs of the portable solar generator are compatible with Smart technology, making this the ultimate fusion of state-of-the-art tech with natural energy.

Using Smart Thermostats Correctly

According to some research undertaken by the U.S. Energy Administration, responsible for collecting and analyzing data around energy use, around 50% of US households do not program a temperature decrease when they're away from the property for the day.

Some of this is due to pure forgetfulness, but other reasons cited are that the device is too complicated, and some people say they don’t have time.

How Do Smart Thermostats Save You Money?

Smart thermostats replace traditional timers and old-fashioned thermostats and give your heating system a simple tech upgrade without radical and costly changes.

Turn the heating on and off just when you need it. If you're late home from work, a traditional set timer may have the heating running in an empty house, but a Smart thermostat can be controlled remotely, meaning you can activate the central heating when you are twenty minutes away from home.

Apps allow much more precise control than a traditional timer with the option for a complicated and sensitive schedule that can be tailored to the needs of your household.

Some thermostats can remember habits and patterns of usage so they will automatically adjust your heating when you don’t need it to save energy.

Some models also factor in the external temperature and the impact of the sun on your house, so you don’t end up paying for heat for your home when you don’t need it.

Final Thoughts

A Smart thermostat could shave money from your heating costs with relatively little financial outlay and no requirement to upgrade your heating system. Do your homework carefully and make sure you find just the right device to suit your home’s needs.

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