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High Blood Pressure in Children

High Blood Pressure in Children

Niyati Thole 191 14-Jun-2022

Most people think that high blood pressure, also known as high blood pressure, affects the elderly. However, high blood pressure affects people of all ages, including babies.

 Why is high blood pressure a problem for children? What can you do to protect your child from this threat? The first step is to learn all about high blood pressure in your child, its causes, consequences, and treatment.

 What is high blood pressure in a child?

Blood pressure is the force of blood as it flows through the body's blood vessels. Under normal conditions, the heart pumps blood through blood vessels throughout the body. Blood vessels expand and contract as needed to maintain blood flow. But in people with high blood pressure, blood can push blood vessels too far and damage organs such as the blood vessels and heart.

 Adults can easily determine if they have high blood pressure by simply measuring their blood pressure and comparing the numbers with a simple graph. Children take the same test. However, numbers are more difficult to interpret. Your child's doctor will use charts based on your child's gender, height, and blood pressure readings to determine if your child has high blood pressure.

 Effects of high blood pressure on children

 As in adults, high blood pressure in children can have serious and long-term health effects:

  •  heart disease:
  •  kidney disease
  •  paralysis

 Obesity and high blood pressure in children

 Risk factors for high blood pressure in children include a family history of obesity and high blood pressure. Other risk factors may include medical issues such as hormonal abnormalities, aortic stenosis, sleep apnea, and other sleep disorders.

 Obesity is considered the main risk of high blood pressure in children. Obesity not only puts the child at risk for high blood pressure but also a variety of health problems such as heart disease and diabetes.

 How can you help your child with high blood pressure?

 Help your child control high blood pressure by following the doctor's plans carefully. Additionally, you can follow these steps:

 Dietary changes and exercise are family issues. The whole family will benefit from these healthy changes. Make sure your child's blood pressure is checked as often as your child's doctor recommends. Working with your healthcare provider to develop a comprehensive health plan will help your child control high blood pressure and have healthy years.

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