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Instagram for Marketing- A myth or a Fact?

Instagram for Marketing- A myth or a Fact?

Anonymous User 385 10-May-2022

What are the strategies which are required to improve your business on Instagram? How do they work? These are a few major questions that often come to any business owner who wants to reach billions of customers through social media. Let's see what works!

1. Business account: Well, it is obvious if you are on to any business on the platform(or app) then you need to switch to the business model of your account as this will enable many important features and is equally user friendly., 

2. use the free Instagram tools: Well, use whatever is free. A few tools similar to Facebook, like analytics, age, and gender, so, don't forget to check out the free tools which are available they work wonders. 

3. Create an urge: Well, this is a simple way of keeping your customers engaged till your new product is being launched. Create enough publicity for the upcoming products which you are planning to launch and by the time you launch the product you have a few guaranteed sales or followers. 

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4. Create sponsored ads: Just like google ads, Instagram also allows you to publish your ads and even specifically choose your audience based on age, gender, species and even choose the region where you wish the ad to be seen. Also, another method can be the usage of photos, videos, and posts and mentioning them below as sponsored and this gives clarity to your viewers as well that the product you are endorsing is sponsored. 

5. Stories: this is just like our WhatsApp statuses which are visible on your account page for only 24 hours but these are really simple methods to attract your followers and improve your reachability. 

6. uniqueness: well, this is important. It is important to remain unique in your way and create your hashtags. This builds your publicity and once you launch your hashtag it helps you to come under the trending list or trendsetter list and hence improve your user engagement. 

7. Influencers: this is one of the techniques which can be used because if an influencer has around 100k followers, tying up with them or endorsing a product with them, or asking them to promote your page can help you to directly reach your audience and make them aware about your brand through an influencer. This depends on the influencer to influencer and the deal can be monetized as well.  

Now, that I have shared a few marketing techniques which can be implemented on your Instagram page, go ahead and use them, and do let me know in the comments how did these strategies help you out in improving your business. 

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