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Campaigns for link building

Campaigns for link building

Anonymous User 295 05-May-2022

We know what link-building is, and we know what are the types of links that can be built on the platforms, we need to know what campaigns that will work for building a quality backlink. 

Link-Building Strategies:

1. Guest-Blogging: this is one of the best ways to drive traffic to your website. 

Writing blogs on your website is a good practice, and it can help you in improving SEO, and attracting nice-based visitors, but when it comes to guest blogging, it is nothing but creating a blog on your niche and having a link to your website. 

What happens here is, that we let the viewers read through your blog but having a backlink on the blog to your website can help you and the search engines to crawl to your website as well. 

The biggest advantage of guest blogging is we don't have to make any deal with any website owner to create a backlink to your website and later get denied. 

Apart from this, you do not have to have any fancy e-mail to approach these websites, just use your regular email and create your profile and begin writing. 

2. Get experts to opinion on your posts: 

Well, this is a basic mentality of readers. Mentioning an industry expert as a reference or directly mentioning their page's naked link in your blog builds the authoritativeness of your blog and helps readers know that you are also referring to an industry expert to give high-quality content on the blog. 

3. Broken Links: 

this method is like finding the broken link in the target website (where you wish to create a backlink). Then you send a message to the website owner mentioning that their site has a broken link and offer to put up your blog as a replacement for the broken link. 

This will be beneficial for both the website owner and the author of the blog as well. 

Well, now I have covered many campaigns which are sure to work in implementing your link-building strategies. So, why wait, Go ahead and implement them, and do let me know if any changes or mistakes are required in the blog. Thanks for reading!

I am a content writter !

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