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Surprising causes of Chest Pain

Surprising causes of Chest Pain

Niyati Thole 520 01-Apr-2022

Anxiety attack

This can make you feel like you have a heart attack. In addition to chest discomfort, you may have difficulty breathing, rapid heartbeat, or numbness in your arms or legs. Some have dizziness or fear of dying. It can be triggered by a stressful experience or hit out of nowhere. Fighting a panic attack on your own is difficult. They can get worse if you do not get their help.


If you experience chest discomfort, severe rashes, and blisters on your chest or back, you may get this disease caused by the smallpox virus. If the nerves in your chest wall are affected, your chest wall discomfort will be severe. Ringworm can be removed.


Below your lungs is a small area where your stomach and esophagus (food pipe) connect. ***** This area can be irritated by coughing, lifting, or pressing during movements. Excessive pressure will force some part of your abdomen to open. Hydatid hernia is the medical term for this condition. Symptoms include chest discomfort, abdominal or esophageal pain, bloating, belching, and bad breath behind your throat. Most hernias do not require treatment, but some may require surgery in the future.


Gallstones are bumps of digestive fluid that form in your gallbladder. They range in size from a grain of sand to a golf ball. If anything gets in the way of your gallbladder and bile ducts (they are the vessels that carry bile from your gallbladder to your liver), sudden pain in your abdomen radiates to your chest, back, or right shoulder. This happens mostly after a heavy meal at night.

Stomach irritation

If stomach acid gets into your esophagus, you may have trouble not only in your chest but also in your jaw and neck. Triggers include alcohol, smoking, aspirin, other non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, and citrus fruits. Eating too close to bedtime is also harmful. If you do not feel burp and good or you have additional symptoms like nausea or sweating call your doctor.

Muscle pain

If you are more active or exercise more than usual your chest wall muscles will become tense. You may find that your discomfort increases when you sit or stand in a certain position. Taking a deep breath or pressing on the affected area can be painful. Reduce the intensity of your workouts and avoid lifting large objects until the end of the week.


This very unusual sexually transmitted disease (STD) causes pulmonary complications. Skin rashes, fatigue, headaches, and muscle aches are all symptoms. This can cause some fluid to accumulate around your lungs. Possible side effects include severe discomfort in the chest and a cough filled with mucus. Antibiotics help in the healing process.


Cough, snoring and shortness of breath are the symptoms of this condition. It can be triggered by several factors, including dust and pet hair, as well as certain foods and physical activity. Medications can help keep your airways open and help treat inflammation-up symptoms.

Heart Attack

The most common symptom of a heart attack is chest pain. Call 911 if you have pain in your chest or upper left arm for more than a few minutes, nausea, severe shortness of breath, or pressure on your chest or left upper arm. Women who have had a heart attack may experience more minor symptoms. In addition to chest pain, you may feel tired, have pain in your back or jaw, or feel dizzy. All of these are signs that you need immediate medical attention.

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