How to Write Content For People and Optimize For Google

How to Write Content For People and Optimize For Google

How to Write Content For People and Optimize For Google

 If you're planning for attracting your audience through writing blogs then you bought to be smart with the content you provide them with. a good piece of content is worthless and useless if nobody comes across it and reads or sees it. one of the most important challenges that's commonly faced by content writers and bloggers is to jot down content for the search engines, yet will appeal to people.

 According to Copy bloggers, computer program optimization is the most misunderstood and complex to know because it does make things surprisingly difficult for writers, who absolutely must consider SEO but once it’s clear and understood it’s not the least bit complicated to use and handle.

 Having said that the puzzle is: a way to write persuasive and entertaining content for people that are also optimized for Google? Here are some good guidelines to follow.

1) Keep it simple

 Most readers take a fast look before planning to use that piece of content to read. It takes users but a second to take control of any article.

 1/2 the readers only read the article for a quarter-hour even before moving on to reading the entire set of it entirely. So, keeping it as simple and effective as possible is going to be wholesome because it will attract more users and increase the reach and traffic on your site. you must also prefer taking their intent and views on the piece that you just have written to urge their feedbacks which can be essential to stay in mind while acting on the following content.

 2) Use the meta description

 Many of you now can be wondering what this Meta description is?

 “A meta description is an HTML element that gives a summary of an online page. A page's meta description tag is displayed as a part of the search snippet in a very program results page (SERP) and is supposed to present the user thought of the content that exists within the page and the way it relates to their search query.” – MOZ. to place it into simple words, the Meta description maybe a snippet of up to about 155 characters – a tag in HTML – which summarizes a page's content. This part may be a crucial one because it clarifies and help the reader understand what is going to the pieces be all about and whether to pick it to read it for further research or knowledge purpose or not? The Meta description should include keywords and will be very precise with the proper choice of words additionally to it, it's to be made from ultra-specific and persuasive language.

 3) Use Keywords In Your Content

 When someone looks for the content they type similar words or keywords while searching for the leads to the program.

 “A keyword could be a term employed in digital marketing to explain a word or a gaggle of words an online user uses to perform a quest in a very program or search bar.”

 In an SEO strategy, keywords are important and will be the core of any copywritten online. Don’t just overdo it! Use them naturally and only where required instead it makes the user feel not very comfortable reading the piece and also their views might change thereon to a jumbled and messy one which they may never talk to within the future.

 4) Create content that solves people's problems

 When someone goes on the Internet to look for something they already know what the matter is that they are just there for the answer purpose. So, always choose wisely which topic you'd be writing on and confirm that your content addresses their problem with some solutions that are easy for them to know and also add some useful recommendations, suggestions, and essential tips by the top of your article.

 5) Proofread before you post your content online

 It is always better to proofread your content twice or thrice because it allows you to form the required changes before it's available for the general public to travel through. Proofreading makes your content look error-free which is one of the most reasons why people would reach dead set your content for reference purposes. The content of the article which contains a lot of errors it's the one which the users wouldn't prefer to like better to read because it looks unprofessional and makes to seem sort of a newbie who isn’t privy to a way to write and share your views publicly.

 6) Write the title tag and headline for the SEO

 The title should be almost entirely reserved for SEO whether or not the body copy may be for the reader. As Google doesn't release official information on what it ranks for or what proportion weight it gives to any particular thing, we're all left guessing. So it’s widely accepted that titles and headlines are pivotal for SEO.

 7) Understand program Ranking Factors

 Top-quality or a novel piece of content that solves or addresses a controversy is preferred by them. they're also searching for well-written highly unique and edited content which has keywords but without overstuffing it or using an unnatural keyword density.

 They want you to jot down content that’s easy and crisp to grasp and browse without much complications and errors.

 But, a good algorithm shouldn’t compromise readability

 8) Add Links during a Thoughtful Way

 Links serve users to access the extra information from other sources and are vital and when it involves SEO they behold way more importance. the hyperlinks must point to reputable and authoritative web content since Google gives more weight to those pages.

For example, if you write a blog on 'How to create a Demat account,' then you could sprinkle links throughout the post that direct readers to other posts on your blog that talk about 'how to make money by trading in the share market' and 'investing tips.' So give particular attention to links as they’re an easy way to satisfy the reader and score important Google SEO points.

Wrapping up

Hopefully, these tips and tricks will help you design good content for the people to read and for the search engine.

Do not just focus on either of them both are equally important for several reasons.

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