6 Tools and Apps Every Online Business Owner Must Have

6 Tools and Apps Every Online Business Owner Must Have

Online businesses are growing at a rapid pace. With each passing day, every other individual comes with a new idea and launches it within a few months or in some cases in a few weeks. Depending on the type of business you establish, you need to be wary of many things such as internet connection that needs to be seamless, high-speed, and with unlimited data caps.

Along with these features, you also need to look for customer service as we have experience with Spectrum español pagos which is very commendable customer service. Having such an internet connection would help you to stay connected while working and connecting with clients.

Having an internet connection is a basic requirement, but there are other things you need to have as well. Here are some of the best apps for entrepreneurs that would help them stay productive, automate tasks, and get their work done.


The success of any business depends on how well you market your products or services. Social media is a useful way to establish your online presence and bring an audience. But managing different social media accounts requires hard work, which might not be possible without an automation tool.

To manage your social media accounts on autopilot, you can make use of Hootsuite. Not only will you save your money on not hiring social media manager, but also never miss your post to be shared at the best time. Add multiple social media accounts and schedule your post. Leave the rest to Hootsuite. The tool also helps you to track overall performance and allows you to add other team members as well.


Keeping yourself happier while working is quite challenging. But not anymore when you have Headspace that offers mental health solutions tailored for today’s work environment. The tool comes with a myriad of exercises and meditations to help you stay focused and have sound sleep at night.

Headspace has also dedicated support that offers free guidance from experts. Moreover, you can also view employees’ dashboards to track their progress. Also, Headspace conducts virtual events for the work community tailored according to your organization’s requirements.


Designing social media posts, creating infographics, and choosing the best header for your website does not require complex tools like Adobe Photoshop or Corel Draw. All you need to do is sign up for Canva free account and start designing your blog posts, social media posts, and anything that requires visually appealing images and graphics.

Canva brings plenty of pre-made graphics templates that can be tailored according to your requirements. You only need to edit the text, colors, and layout according to your brand’s identity and tone. No need to hire a graphics designer and pay a hefty amount at the end of each month.


Whether you are a startup or running a multi-million dollar enterprise, managing and keeping track of employees' weekly and monthly tasks is challenging. However, with Asana you can keep everyone in the loop and assign tasks according to their respective roles.

Asana, unlike other project management tools, offers a clean and user-friendly interface. View task by month, week, or present-day through filters. Add collaborators to every task so that no task goes unnoticed.


Online businesses require a website that requires engaging content. If you are starting your business and do not have enough funds to manage content marketers and copywriters then Frase will do the job. Whether it be writing for search engines, creating compelling ads copy, or requiring short product descriptions, Frase will help you create the content according to your requirements.

Rank better than your competitors and save time on creating complex content that requires hours and hours of work. The tool has been ranked number one on Capterra as AI software.

Google Drive

When it comes to uploading and accessing files, it might not be convenient to rely on storage devices. Therefore, Google Drive is the best online cloud storage where you can upload files and access them from any device, provided you have the link. Moreover, you can also share it with your associates, clients, and other related personnel.

Summing Up

When it comes to online tools and apps for entrepreneurs, we have compiled the list of best ones. Some other tools we would recommend to you are Dropbox, Evernote, and Slack for better management of your work. We have mentioned the best tools in this article.

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