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9 Best Instagram Tools to Grow and Engage Followers

9 Best Instagram Tools to Grow and Engage Followers

Pedro Araez 576 23-Oct-2021

Reaching your target audience in today’s time is a walk in the park.

Marketing and advertising have revolutionized. Where newspapers and billboards were the go-to instruments to reach the audience, today, we have mobile phones and digital boards.

With digital marketing taking over, we have an opportunity to reach the audience sitting in different corners of the world.

Many leading brands have managed to leverage this advancement and unfold the unexplored market.

On the professional front, advertising agencies have transfigured as well. There aren’t just ad agencies. Now, there are several digital marketing agencies offering services like SEO, social media marketing, and guest posting services to help bring desired results for customers on the web.

One aspect of digital marketing that has seen a rise is social media marketing and advertising. Social media has proven to be a great platform to market products and build excellent customer relationships.

Instagram is one particular platform that many get attracted to. This feature-packed platform is a hub of millennials and gen Z. Basically, it has the target audience of a majority of brands.

These brands find more than what they are looking for when they perform tasks and activities rightly. After all, Instagram is estimated to have 1.074 billion users. The possibilities of this platform are uncanny.

As more brands are finding their way around social media, the competition is increasing with each passing day. To be an important part of this race, you need to gear up. It’s time to adopt technology and how.

Here are a few digital tools that will help take your Instagram game to the next level, leaving your competitors behind.


Contests and giveaways have proven to be an outstanding part of a marketing strategy. These elements have even proven to give customer acquisition strategies a boost. They drive engagement and also enable us to tap an untapped market.

Contests also help you rank better than your competitors. You can use a rank tracker to know where you stand against your competition in the market.

What's better than normal contests are the targeted and incentivized giveaways or contests. The more targeted your efforts are, the more popularity it will gain. Woobox happens to be just the right tool for that.

The simple, user-friendly interface allows even beginners to build engaging campaigns for their audiences. From quizzes to coupon giveaways, from photo competitions to hashtag contests, you can build it all.

The ease of integration that this tool brings with it makes it a favorite among users. The increased reach is the most ideal consequence that it offers.

Use Woobox to find your way beyond Instagram.


en it comes to Instagram, we all care about those three numbers at the top.

Follower count is crucial. It helps you establish social proof and of course, grow the trust of your audience. However, many find unethical ways to inflate their count.

Strategies like Follow4Follow or paying these followers to press that follow button will definitely increase the number. But it puts your account at risk. Instagram can either put a shadowban i.e. decreasing your reach or ban your account indefinitely. These practices are considered intolerable for the platform as they might believe it is a bot and thus, it is best to avoid them.

Indeed, it is not always easy to gain followers. But what if I tell you that there is a tool that will help increase your follower count without risking your account getting penalized?

Kicksta is an amazing innovation that uses AI technology to help you bring REAL followers. You don't have to worry about fake accounts being targeted or the platform thinking you’re a bot.

This tool finds relevant users that follow similar accounts like yours. Then, it engages with their content and encourages a majority of them to follow your account back.

Obviously, you need high-quality content for them to truly engage with your profile. But this is one of the best ways to bring real followers without putting in too much of your time.

You can put all your focus in creating content for your audience. Leave the rest to Kicksta.


Consistency is the key.

This is one phrase that we have seen all the gurus preach. It's true in every sense possible.

You need to be consistent on Instagram if you wish to grow. When I say consistency, I mean it in terms of frequency of posting, quality of content, and engaging with your audience.

However, I understand that you don't always have enough time to work on your brand and its social media presence. This is where tools like Buffer come into the picture.

Buffer is an amazing digital tool that was developed to make it easy for you to remain consistent. This tool primarily helps in Publishing and Analyzing content.

You can create your weekly content and schedule them using this tool. Whether it's an image, carousel, video, or a GIF, you can rely on the tool for all forms of content. Once you have them scheduled, you can shift your focus on other aspects of your business while the tool will take care of pushing your content in front of your audience.

This tool is especially beneficial for those who are just starting their ventures.

We also need to monitor our results to make sure our strategies are fruitful. The reports created by this tool helps to measure your performance.

You can analyze the reports and find areas of improvement.


Hootsuite is among the widely used platforms for growing your Instagram account.

The flexibility, ease, and usability that this tool brings in the lives of users are simply mind-blowing. Hootsuite is essentially a social media management tool.

You can use Hootsuite to find your prospective targets, automate scheduling, and even get comprehensive reports of your performance. This tool is perfect for those who are looking to be a part of social conversations.

It is important to know what your audience and your competitors are talking about your brand. This will help you take all the necessary steps to direct the conversations in your favor.

Hootsuite found its way into the lives of the users because of the range of features that the tool offers. It is a one-stop solution for most users out there. You can boost engagement and manage not just Instagram, but other social media profiles as well.

Its dashboard allows you to analyze your entire social media performance at a glance. This means that you don't have to log into different platforms to track social accounts separately.

Streamline your campaigns and save that precious time on your hands with this awesome tool.


We have all heard how a website is your business card or your digital salesman. Now, what if this digital salesman goes socializing? It will make your website a lot more interactive and attractive for your visitors.

Juicer is a tool that helps direct your website traffic to your Instagram account. This helps increase your follower count and enables your account to grow.

With this tool, you can easily aggregate content from your Instagram account to your website. This will help make your website look appealing, no doubt. But it will also expand your reach.

You don't have to worry about your website's layout. The tool will take care of it. Moreover, every new post that you upload on your Instagram will automatically get updated on the website.

The features like filters, post moderation, and engagement analysis are nothing short of a desirable addition.

YouTube BrandConnect

No matter what strategies we create, one of the most effective ones will always be referrals.

When a friend recommends a product or a service, we tend to opt for it without thinking too much. This is because of the trust that we have in them.

In today's time, we have influencer marketing. Think of influencer marketing as referrals on a large scale.

But for this 'referral' to be truly profitable, you need to make sure you're finding a partner who fits well with your brand.

Finding these influencers can often become a task. That's where YouTube BrandConnect comes into the picture. This tool was literally created to make things like finding relevant influencers easy for you.

This tool allows you to connect directly to the influencers. You can get in touch with them and understand if they are willing to be a part of your campaign.

You can make this time-consuming process much quicker using the tool's dashboard. You can set up the type of campaign you are planning, your budget, and other important factors. This way, you will be able to find the influencers that are exactly what you need.

By getting an influencer on board, it will help boost your customer acquisition strategy, grow your social media presence, and also expand your reach.

If you haven't started using influencer marketing just yet, it's time that you do.


Digital marketing revolves around keywords and hashtags. These are the elements that help you reach your audience and vice versa.

If we talk about Instagram, it is the hashtags that play an important role. If you don't put enough relevant hashtags, it can kill your reach, making it challenging for you to grow your account.

When you add hashtags to your posts or Instagram stories, it helps you become more discoverable. The more visible you are, the more growth your account will witness.

In order to find relevant and correct hashtags, AutoHash can help out. This tool has everything that you need to make your hashtag game stronger.

The tool leverages Artificial Intelligence to streamline your process. You can research and select hashtags by uploading the photo. The tool will provide you with keywords on the basis of the objects it identifies in that photo.

Manually, it can take hours to find the right hashtags. You cannot use the same hashtag for every picture, or else the chances of your account getting shadow-banned increases.

This tool is everything that you need to make the time-consuming task quicker and easier.


Combin is a tool that focuses entirely on Instagram management. This tool has plenty of features to offer that you can try even using a free version of the tool. As far as more engaging users are concerned, it is better to opt for a paid version.

Now, what's too special about this tool? This tool has literally everything you need to manage your Instagram account. Since it's specifically created keeping the platform in mind, it also makes sure to stay updated with all the major changes.

With this tool, you can make your research more effective. From location to hashtags, you can find posts according to it all. This tool also allows you to keep a close eye on your competitors and the comments that they are adding.

This way, you get real-life references for making your brand more authentic and engaging. You can even find your target audience with this method.

Leverage this tool to learn from your competitors and understand how they are engaging with the users.

One of the best features of this tool is its ability to automate engagement activity for the user. You can post a comment on multiple posts simultaneously using this one tool. This allows you to make your account seem social and approachable.

You can also extract data on the campaigns that are working and not working for you.


User-generated content has proven to be one of the most important forms of content. They make your brand look more authentic and promising.

Now, when your Instagram account starts growing, it will be a little tricky to keep a track of all the accounts and profiles that have tagged your brand. You don't want to miss out on these mentions and tags as the content that they produce is precious.

Foursixty is a tool that can help you with social listening. With this tool, you will be able to find all the profiles that are tagging your brand. You can use the content generated by your audience to improve your sales and also save time. You won't have to worry about what you should post when you have ample content from different users.

If you don't want to use it all, you can also filter this content based on the performance. Just always make sure that you are giving the right credits to the original creators.

This is also a great tool to find and track influencers. You can discover new faces, track their engagement rate, and determine if they fit your brand.

This tool is truly perfect to grow your Instagram account.


There are plenty of other digital tools that are now rising to help make your Instagram game stronger. While we can perform tasks and manage social media accounts manually, it is very time-consuming.

These digital tools are perfect to make social media management efficient. You can focus on your other business operations while software like Hootsuite and Kicksta can take care of user engagement and post scheduling.

You need to be vigilant when selecting your tools. Make sure that you look at the features, compare the usage, and then find the best one for your brand.

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