How to Hire Offshore Developers for Your Upcoming Project in 2022?

How to Hire Offshore Developers for Your Upcoming Project in 2022?

A user-friendly app can open the doors of many opportunities if you find the right offshore software development partner. Here is a handy guide to hiring offshore software developers for your upcoming app project. Before digging deep into some useful tips, let’s understand the importance of apps in modern enterprises.

The COVID-19 pandemic has shown that businesses that get failed to adapt to new changes cannot survive and thrive. Remote working and social distancing norms are here to stay, and therefore, businesses need to make changes in the system to meet these norms effectively. A customized mobile app can meet this objective effectively. A reliable software development company can build an app with desired features to bring transformation in the process.

These days, companies focus on the digitization and safety of their employees. In such a scenario, it is better to hire offshore developers instead of increasing in-house staff for mobile app development. You can get more flexibility at reduced costs and timely execution with cutting-edge technologies by hiring the right offshore software development company. A tailored app with all the necessary features can bring automation in various processes and enable your business to leverage the benefits of digitization.

Whether you want to build a healthcare app or fitness app, retail app, or restaurant app, it should be customer-friendly to ensure the growth of your business. Today, we have a plethora of options available for selecting offshore software developers. However, it makes the selection process more cumbersome and at times, challenging. It is fair to mention that the right developers can add more value to your business and contribute to increasing revenue.

Let’s go through the key steps to hire offshore developers with the right characteristics. Hope these insights will assist you to find the most suitable developers for your project.

Important Steps to Consider for Hiring Offshore Software Developers

Define Objectives

It all starts with requirement gathering or defining objectives. You need to make a complete road map including desired features and core objectives with budgetary provisions and other necessary details. It is better to analyze the competitor’s activities before making an action plan. This is known as the Discovery phase and it includes all the acquired data for making a plan for your upcoming software development project. Once goals are set and features are listed, you can easily start finding the right software development partner.

Identify Target Audience

Every app has a specific target audience. When it comes to a business app, you need to think of people to whom you want to send information about your business processes, products, services, and new activities or launches. It is necessary to define the OS (Operating System) for your app. For example, if your target audience is based in Asia and Africa, it is beneficial to come up with an Android app initially. But, if your target audience is in the USA, then you need to develop an iOS app first.

These days, many companies prefer cross-platform apps, to begin with, because these apps can seamlessly run across both Android and iOS platforms. If you own a startup or face issues related to a limited budget, an MVP (Minimum Viable Product) can be a good starting point to validate your idea and grow your business.

Ask for References

You can approach entrepreneurs or CEOs who have developed customized business apps for references. Special hiring services providers and employment boards can also assist you to find the most suitable software developers for your project. You can also reach out to coding platforms and communities of developers to find expert and experienced developers. Also, as an entrepreneur, you can explore your network to find the right software development company

Check Portfolio

Apart from asking for the culture and work processes, you can check the portfolio of various software development companies. Most companies put their portfolio and work online so that you can easily find how they accomplish projects while handling the client’s requirements. You can also find whether the company has worked on a project similar to that of your project by checking the portfolio. Simply put, the software developer’s portfolio is the primary document of their skills and experience of simplifying complexities through customized app solutions.

Take Interviews

Android developers should have adequate knowledge of Java, Kotlin, and Dart whereas iOS developers should have expertise in Swift language. You can take interviews to know these skills and the soft skills of developers. When you build a team of developers with all these necessary skills, your idea of bringing a unique and user-friendly app for your enterprise will certainly gain success. Many software development companies arrange interviews of developers as a part of the hiring process, and it is beneficial to take interviews to select highly suitable developers for your project.

Get Quote

Every software development company offers a quote based on the project requirements and hourly rates of developers. You can see services included in the quotes of shortlisted software developers. Based on various factors and considerations, these quotes help you find the right developer for your software project.

What’s more, it is necessary to keep some points in mind to make the hiring process swift and seamless. You can make the full job description for developers in line with the objectives of software development. You can also check whether time zone advantage is applicable when you hire offshore developers. Finally, you can read testimonials and remain proactive in utilizing the cutting-edge tools of communication.

Finally, it is the hourly rate that can influence your decision of hiring developers. Let’s understand this with an example. North America and Western Europe have the highest hourly rates that may reach over $300 an hour. On the other hand, South America and Asia are the most cost-effective regions for hiring offshore developers. Here, the hourly rate remains in the range of $30 to $100. Startups should consider regions with less hourly rates to address budget constraints without affecting the app’s performance.

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