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5 Tips to Improve eCommerce Website Design with Excellence

5 Tips to Improve eCommerce Website Design with Excellence

Pedro Araez 501 23-Sep-2021

Creating an eCommerce website requires a good web design. Using appropriate colors, fonts, images, words, and graphics is crucial to an effective e-commerce website. In addition to attracting potential customers, your eCommerce website should provide a great user experience and represent your business well.

Therefore, your website visitors have to be driven to take certain actions and buy your products, not only so it looks good and feels like your brand. But how do you achieve this? What do you need to learn about development company in CA that will have your products flying off your virtual shelves?

1. Enhance your product photography

All kinds of web designs and images have been presented to us - from pixelated images to huge image renderings and even sites with very few product images! Don't follow the crowd. Use only high-quality, small-size images on your content pages. The performance of your web store page and the experience of your customers will be improved. Follow these steps:

-Make sure your images are compressed and find a balance between size and quality, especially for full-page banners. Despite its professional capabilities, Adobe Photoshop is expensive. Luminar and Affinity Photo are some affordable alternatives

-If your customer can see what they're buying, they're more likely to buy it. Take photos of your products. Don't forget to take high-quality pictures. Picture quality plays a crucial role in the attractiveness of a product.

2. Keep it simple

A top rule of an eCommerce design is to keep it simple. A simple design is always better when it comes to eCommerce websites. It is detrimental to the entire purpose of the website-closing sales-if you have too many elements on the page. Your eCommerce website doesn't need a lot of bells and whistles. All they do is distract the user. Keep your design clean, simple, and focused on the sale.

3. Maintain accurate product information

You should only provide accurate information to your visitors and customers, no matter what their goals are.

 Included in this are:


-Descriptions of products

-Images, videos, and other media of products


An integrated product information management (PIM) system will help you.

4. Professionalize it

E-commerce sites allow website visitors to buy products from you. Therefore, you are asking them to divulge sensitive information, like their credit card information. They cannot do that if your website isn't professional. Building trust is a major factor in becoming successful in eCommerce, and developing that trust is a major factor in driving sales.

How would you define professional? It should not contain any typos or misspellings. Consistent fonts, color palettes, and footer designs should be used across all of your pages. All of the products you link to should be easily clickable and purchasable.

A professional web design is the only way to show your customers that you take yourself seriously if you want them to take you seriously.

5 Tips to Improve eCommerce Website Design with Excellence

5. Quotes from customers

Customer feedback is an excellent way to increase trust and entice sales. As you design your website, think about how you can showcase customer feedback. How will you rate products and services? What about case studies and client testimonials? Is it possible to add videos and images?

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