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Why Bass Pro Shops Have Such A Good Reputation

Why Bass Pro Shops Have Such A Good Reputation

Pedro Araez 527 14-Jul-2021

According to the very latest research, Bass Pro Shops has been ranked as one of the most well thought of brands in the whole of the United States of America by its customers. These results come from a survey of in excess of 5 million people across 30,000 different parts of the country. This is a marked improvement from the last time that this research was conducted, which saw Bass Pro Shops place in number 12 of the rankings. It is no surprise then that there is so much demand from customers for a Bass Pro Shops promo code.

It has a better reputation with its customers than the likes of many household names, such as Neiman Marcus, Target, Lowe’s, Costco, Ralph Lauren, Nordstrom, IKEA, Nike, Hobby Lobby, and The Disney Store. The only brands that it trails behind are The LEGO Store and Trader Joe’s.

The History

The brand was originally founded back in the year 1972 by a young fisherman who started off by selling fishing tackle from his dad’s liquor store in the state of Missouri. Fast forward almost 50 years and Bass Pro Shops now has more than 200 locations across the whole of North America and welcomes some 200 million customers to its stores each and every year. However, it is not just hunting and outdoors lifestyle products that the brand sells, it is also a leader in providing protection to wildlife habitats throughout the country.

A Complete Shopping Experience

The physical stores that Bass Pro Shops have are truly like no other on the market - one reason why customers enjoy visiting and using the brand. One such location is that of the store Memphis, Tennessee, which is in the shape of a large pyramid. Inside there is more than 22 million feet of space, including a rustic style lodge with 105 guest rooms. In addition to this, the store is also home to the biggest freestanding elevator across the entire continent of North America, which leads to an observation deck that has great views of the Mississippi river.

Based in Springfield, Missouri, the most famous of all the Bass Pro Shops stores and headquarters is some 750,000 square feet and covers an area as large as 17 acres, all under a single roof. The store sits opposite a national aquarium and wildlife museum.

Other Accolades

Forbes magazine named Bass Pro Shops as one of the best employers in the whole of America in 2015. This goes to show that not only do the brand’s customers think well of the company but also their employees too. In the year 2018, Bass Pro Shops was named as the second hottest retailer in all of the United States of America.

The founder Johnny Morris was described in the year 2015 as one of the top 25 people in retail that are shaping the future of the industry. Similarly, he was awarded with the retail innovator of the year award for his work with the brand. 

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