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5 Online Video Editors to Make Custom Videos & Fun Greetings

5 Online Video Editors to Make Custom Videos & Fun Greetings

Pedro Araez 590 02-Jun-2021

Whether it’s a birthday, anniversary, Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year, and other important events, you celebrate it with a bang. Hence, your smartphone gallery often gets filled up with video footage and photos of these shindigs. Instead of letting these clips fester on your phone memory, why not make a cool video using Promo. This cool online video editor and intro maker assures you can make custom videos and fun greetings for any occasion.

Why settle for a static text and plain image greeting? Remember, marketers, assert that videos create the most engagement among all content shared on social media platforms. Best of all, videos pave the way for better understanding because it shows everything in all angles. Additionally, it can include text and audio explanations for better clarity and comprehension. If you feel unsure about what video and intro maker to use, take a look at the top five best online video editor tools today.


This brand reigns supreme among all online video editor tools. Firstly, it doesn’t just edit videos; it also comes with an image resizer to ensure you optimize all the social media platforms. Secondly, it comes with a free collage maker to help you create projects from infographics to posters. Thirdly, it comes with a free intro maker, ensuring you can curate an 8-second snippet to accompany all your videos for better branding.

Above all else, many happy users say this is the best online video editor to promote your brand on social media. After all, you can use it for free without any Promo watermarks on your finished content. Hence, you can make different projects like slideshows, explainers, demos, product guides, MTVs, and more. Just drag and drop your chosen elements on a pre-designed template, and you’re done. If you want more bells and whistles, you can pay for an affordable upgrade to access more features with the premium version. If you need help, watch tutorials, read blogs, or contact 24/7 live tech support. You have access to these amazing things:

  • Footage library
  • Stock photos
  • Copyright-free music
  • Voice-over narration
  • Sound effects
  • Transitions
  • Animation
  • Background
  • Fonts
  • Graphics

5 Online Video Editors to Make Custom Videos & Fun Greetings


Magisto is another wonderful online tool that takes its branding from the words magic story. When you analyze it, videos indeed allow you to weave a magical story that captivates your audience. This editor also comes with an intro maker, assuring you have a fabulous intro and title page for all your custom content.

With this online tool, you can collate video clips and photos and transform them into stunning videos that resonate with your audience. Though Magisto comes with a free version, it imposes a company watermark on your finished product. Sadly, this can confuse the viewers about your branding. To continue creating work without watermarks, paying for a Pro or Business upgrade is required. However, paying the affordable monthly fee does open a world of features. Best of all, this comes with a free Vimeo Pro Membership allowing you to hit two birds with one stone, so to speak.


If you want another cool online editor to add to your arsenal of editing tools, Animoto works great. You can make videos online and use various templates. This also works as an intro maker and an outro editor, ensuring you can provide crucial company information to your viewers. It allows you to add transitions, music, effects, and a lot more.

However, the biggest caveat for Animoto is the free version also comes with a huge Animoto watermark that covers the bottom part of your content. It can be very distracting and confusing for your viewers. If you want your video output to be free from this, you must pay the premium fees.


Do you enjoy editing on the go? Then Flipagram is a great online solution for making quick and fun videos for social media. This also works as an intro maker once you download it to your mobile device. With easy smartphone or tablet accessibility, you have ready access to the gallery. How convenient!

With this online app, you can surely morph videos and pics into funky short videos with upbeat music. Its best features are allowing you to edit content no matter where you are. Hence, you can even produce videos instantly, assuring you remain trendy when something eventful occurs. This video editor can help you create:

  • Intro videos
  • Explainers
  • Cool MTVs
  • Fun reviews
  • Quick collages
  • Slide shows

Although this cool tool is free, it does come with a caveat. You can only create short video clips with this. Thus, if you have long projects, you must pick a different one with more features to ensure a professional-looking output.

5 Online Video Editors to Make Custom Videos & Fun Greetings


Finally, when it comes to videos, the word “film” in Filmora is the telltale sign you need that indicates it offers amazing perks for its users. This video and intro maker can indeed help you take your video content to the next level. It provides a cinematic-like output that assures all eyes stay peeled to your channel.

Though this is available online, you need to download this software to your desktop or laptop. On top of that, your computer must meet the specs of this video maker. It can, unfortunately, eat up the space of your computer memory. After all, videos and photos consume a lot of gigabytes. Moreover, Filmora is only free to use within a certain time span. After, you have to pay to keep on using the software. That being said, millions of happy Filmora fans assert that this small price offers excellent value.

The Final Wrap Up On Online Video Editor Tools

In summary, modern online video editor apps can provide you with all the design tools you need to make stunning clips. Whether you’re an advanced user or a newbie, having this support will inspire you to churn out more custom video content daily. With more informative and entertaining videos on your website and social profiles, more chances you have in building a better relationship with your target audience.

Keep in mind, many amateurs and even pro video editors love the above-mentioned editing solutions. They offer amazing features that make editing a breeze with a click of your finger. No wonder all of them get high-approval ratings from many satisfied users. Don’t hesitate and get started today creating your custom video or greeting!

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