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How Blockchain is Overcoming the Challenges in Aggregator Taxi Booking App Development?

How Blockchain is Overcoming the Challenges in Aggregator Taxi Booking App Development?

Maya Josephine 500 04-May-2021

Challenges in Taxi Booking App

The following are the challenges in taxi booking apps without the integration of blockchain technology.

1.High Fees Due to Intermediaries

When riders book the cab, the company is notified first and then the driver is allotted for the booked ride where the companies charge 10-20 percent in the total ride’s pricing which results in high ride cost among the customers. 

2.Lack of Transparency 

It is impossible for the riders in the current ecosystem to comprehend the function of the companies.  As well you have experienced the surge of pricing  problems, if you have ever used a taxi booking business. Riders don’t have a deep understanding about the reason behind the price rise of the unknown functions of the companies.

3.Lack of Safety Standards

One of the significant issues in taxi booking companies is safety of both drivers and the riders. Taxi organizations are spending millions of dollars on verifying the users, incidents of fraudulent identities as well as the crime are still reaching the skies. 

Working of Taxi Booking App With Blockchain Technology (A Solution to Overcome the Challenges in Aggregator Taxi Booking App)

1. Cost Reduction

With the utilization of blockchain, the riders can connect with the drivers directly to the drivers via the decentralized platform that diminishes the additional costs due to the involvement of too many intermediaries. 

2. Transparency in the Pricing

With the ability of the blockchain’s transparency, the riders can know how taxi booking companies function. As well, the price fixing is based on the certain criterion described in the smart contracts which brings transparency and trust to the system.

 3. Safety and Security Standards

 The set of protocols listed on the smart contracts ensure the non-involvement of drivers in fraudulent activities through generating an accurate rating for them. This results in riders deciding to decide whether or do not to take the ride with a specific service provider.

 4. Environmentally Cleaner

 Taxi Booking is one of the great use cases of the decentralized platform which also results in a pollution free environment. It will aid the world to go with the cleaner approach with decentralized taxi booking platforms.

 5. Economic Opportunity

 With the decentralized car sharing platforms, it is simple for anyone to earn income with their personal vehicle. The cut off of services fees with the intermediaries elimination can embellish the business opportunities for everyone.

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