The Perfect Combo of Content Marketing and Artificial Intelligence

The Perfect Combo of Content Marketing and Artificial Intelligence

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Scientists and engineers have been working hard for decades to develop computers with human-like sensory perceptions and decision-making abilities. Though it is still a dream that needs to be fulfilled, different important developments in the AI (Artificial Intelligence) field have begun changing human lives in different ways.

Of course, Artificial Intelligence, like many other technologies, has been subjected to both severe flak and approbation.

In recent years, however, AI has begun displaying huge potential in the field of content marketing, one of the largest parts of the international digital marketing industry. The growing relation between AI and content marketing has shown signs of new hope for the digital marketing industry. People have different exciting points of view, some taking the side of AI and some going against it.

In this blog, we will be exploring the perfect combo of Ai and content marketing and how AI will help in changing the world of content marketing.

Before diving headlong into the topic, let’s discuss what AI really is.

Artificial Intelligence: What it really is?

In layman's terms, AI or artificial intelligence is the power of a computer program or a machine of thinking and learning like a human being. AI consists of human-like thinking, problem-solving, communication, and learning skills just like humans can do. The real motive behind AI is to create machines that can interact with their surroundings on their own without the need for any human interference.

Now that we know what AI is, let’s see how AI can benefit marketers.

4 Ways AI is helping Content Marketers

How does AI fit into the content marketing scenario?

The role of AI in content marketing is manifold, to say the least. It can help marketers in the following 4 ways:

1) Unearth secret data insights:

Nowadays, the growing influence of the Internet and the increasing popularity of social media is contributing to the amassing of data every single day!

This huge amount of data is a treasure chest of precious insights into the online behavior of your potential customers. This large portion of data is uncategorized and untagged and can be used for extracting valuable and relevant information, and this is where AI fits the bill.

A lot of companies have begun using machine learning (ML) and natural language processing (NLP) for scanning internal and external data sources such as websites, social media platforms, news, and a lot more.

Therefore, you will be able to utilize key phrases for analyzing and visualizing the information in text format for detecting unique trends, patterns, and discrepancies in the uncategorized data.

2) Accelerate Predictive Analytics:

A large number of small-and-medium-sized businesses (SMBs) use predictive analysis to optimize the content marketing efforts of yours. This process is called predictive analytics since it incorporates the use of data mining, statistics, and modeling for making predictions about the ensuing outcomes.

If you already know how customers think about your brand, you will be delivering them with the content that is most appealing to their needs and taste. Therefore, predictive analysis helps content marketers in fast-tracking the process of sales – and AI is helping in accelerating the process of predictive analysis.

You need not wait for calculations, rather you will be deploying your marketing campaigns in real-time. AI also prevents data replication from each source. The aggregated data is not only accurate but also helps in supporting multiple applications and users.

3) Personalize things:

Digital marketing can be largely benefited by the use of personalization. The attitude towards personalized content is positive as suggested by the reports from Statista, which shows that 90% of US adults think personalized content is appealing to them. On the other hand, only 4% think that personalized content is not appealing to them.

Since providing each individual with unique and authentically personalized experiences is a difficult task for the human brain, you can always rely on AI to do your bidding. AI helps in personalizing different aspects of the marketing efforts of yours. But most crucially, it will be helping you in decoding critical customer variables like real-time location, context, behavior, and values.

Therefore, you can differentiate each customer down to the last variable. For instance, you will be identifying whether a customer is vegan or vegetarian, or what he eats when he travels, and many more. When AI collectively analyzes these findings, you will be developing extremely personalized content.

You don’t need to rely on the development of ideal customer personas anymore, you will be creating unique personas by using extreme personalization, and in this way get rid of data paralysis.

4) Automation of content:

As a content marketer, you got a lot of responsibilities, and jotting down a blog post can eat your valuable time. AI can help you in creating content, although, its scope lies way beyond content creation. AI can help in curating and distributing content, which saves a lot of time and money.

Just like NLP, Natural Language Generation (NLG) is also a part of artificial intelligence. You will be using NLG-based algorithms for jotting down simple posts and news articles without the need for any human intervention.

Examples of AI in content marketing

  • The Post’s Heliograf – Weather reports and sports news articles from the Washington Post are written by this AI-powered content creation bot named Heliograf.
  • The LA Times’ Quakebot – Earthquake reports from the Los Angeles Times are written by the AI-powered content creation bot named Quakebot.
  • NatGeo’s Albert Einstein Facebook Messenger Chatbot – During the first season of National Geographic’s show “Genius”, they developed a chatbot on Messenger that would think and talk like Albert Einstein. Now, this was a promotional strategy for the show but proved to be very intelligent with hints of humor that Einstein probably had during his lifetime.
  • Sephora Virtual Artist – Here AI-powered Augmented Reality would help users put virtual makeup on their photos and try them out, and then buy them directly from the Sephora Virtual Artist app.

Does this mean that the end of traditional content marketing is nearing? Well, the answer is no, because AI-powered content automation still requires human supervision. You are required to fine-tune your marketing strategies to adapt to the changes. This opens up new avenues in the field of data science. You need to upskill yourself according to changing times.

Although the content automation bots save time and money, the process is usually manual. In the distant future, these tools have the potential to become more advanced.

But, until then, for content marketing services and mobile application development in India, you can always contact the best mobile application development company in India.

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