Urinary Tract Infection: How To Take an Online Appointment from a Doctor?

Urinary Tract Infection: How To Take an Online Appointment from a Doctor?

As the name says, a urinary tract infection is an infection of the urinary organs caused by microbes. Bacteria cause most infections, but fungi can also cause certain infections. In rare cases, a UTI can also be due to viruses.

A UTI can affect any urinary tract organ, including kidneys, bladder, ureters, or urethra. In the majority of cases, UTIs affect the bladder and urethra present in the lower tract. However, it is not uncommon to hear of upper tract infections involving kidneys and ureters.

The symptoms of UTI

The main symptoms of UTI include-
•    Burning or painful urine
•    Dark and cloudy urine appearing pink or red from blood
•    Frequent and urgent need to urinate
•    Bad smelling urine
•    Mild fever
•    Malaise and chill
•    Pressure in the pelvis
•    Pain in the lower abdomen

How do you get infected?

When the bacteria, mostly E Coli. gain entry into the urinary tract, you get a UTI. Not wiping correctly or contact fecal material with the urinary tract can lead to this infection. It can also happen during sexual contact.

The treatment of UTI online

If you are suffering from UTI, you must see the doctor. Fortunately, owing to the current pandemic situation, you can consult a doctor without leaving your home. All you need to do is book an online doctor appointment and talk to them on call or video call.

Your doctor will inquire about your symptoms, as well as your medical history. Treatment will be provided based on these two factors and the length of the UTI.

The treatment plan includes antibiotics. Even if you have consulted your doctor through an online appointment, you can check with them and their care team anytime during the treatment.

Antibiotics and UTI

Doctors prescribe UTI antibiotics to patients suffering from any urinary tract infection. These antibiotics are fast-acting. In many cases, they tend to provide relief within a few hours of taking them. However, the length of the treatment and the dosage depends upon the severity of the urinary tract infection. Doctors generally prescribe antibiotics for 3 to 5 days.

If you take an antibiotic for UTI, you can expect it to work within 48 hours. However, if the symptoms do not improve or worsen, it could be due to a causative agent other than bacteria. In this case, you should talk to your doctor about the treatment.

Getting antibiotics online

As already said, to avoid going to the hospital or doctor’s clinic, you can book an online doctor appointment and seek treatment for UTI online. After forming the diagnosis based on the symptoms, the doctor will prescribe you antibiotics. You can order the antibiotics online too.

The doctor will also schedule a follow-up with you to make sure the treatment is working for you. To determine the severity of infection or confirm the diagnosis, the doctor may refer a lab test to you before writing the prescription.

UTI can be painful; if you are dealing with any of the symptoms, book an online doctor appointment and get treatment for UTI.

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