Hot Trends In Pet Tech And Industry

Hot Trends In Pet Tech And Industry

Technology is constantly expanding and becoming more advanced. Luckily for us pet owners, that includes our pets. There are new technological advancements that benefit and help our pets, and sometimes they are just fun. The Pampered Pup helped us list some hot trends in pet tech and industry!


We’ve all been waiting for this one! If your pet has an unpleasant experience at the vet, they will let it be known they do not want to go there. But it’s necessary, right? Maybe not. With telemedicine you can communicate with the vet through video chats or over the phone. This is a lifesaver for pet parents who hate the trip to the vet.

There is also an option called Mixlab, which personalizes medications for your pet. Based on your pet’s size and type, it will give you the correct dosage and also gives you the option to mix it with a treat. They aren’t quite available everywhere yet, but probably will be in the near future.

Speaking of telemedicine, the products you can get for your pet’s health today is heartwarming. Just like our medical advancements, products for pets today have expanded way beyond what they were years ago. One example is the hipster harness, which helps dogs with hip dysplasia. It helps them build their hip muscles.

Social media

Whether it’s Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, or elsewhere, you will never escape the social media hype of pets. Whether it is a heartfelt video or a hilarious meme, pets are guaranteed to fill you with emotions. We all think our pets are special, so why not share them with the world? If you’re lucky, your pet can become a viral phenomenon like other successful pet accounts that get paid for having famous pets. You can even get dog harnesses with Go-Pros attached so they can tell their own story to their fans!


They are basically our babies, right? We love spending time with our pets, but in the busy lifestyles, a lot of us lead it’s impossible to be home 24/7. That’s why this trend is monitoring our pets! Just like Angela from The Office, we can be at work watching our pets be cute... or get into trouble.

There are also new high-tech collars that track your pup’s location through GPS and vitals! It tracks their heartbeat, temperature, and more. This information can be sent to your computer, phone, or to the vet!

Tech toys

You’d be surprised at the amazing toys you can get for your pet these days. It’s almost like seeing a toddler with an iPhone! There are automatic ball launchers, smart balls, and even apps to exercise their mind. Pets today have more things to do than ever before.

Smart house items

Has anyone else seen self-cleaning litter boxes and just knew they were born in the right time period? There are so many essential items that have been advanced to make life as a pet owner easier. This includes things that 10 years ago didn’t seem realistic.

The Litter Robot: self-cleaning litter box is a perfect example of that. Sureflap: Microchip Pet Door. This only allows your pet to enter and leave your home.

These solutions are absolutely amazing for pet owners!

Online shopping

No, your pet can’t get on the internet and shop. Not yet, at least. But there are many websites and subscription boxes that are specifically for your pet. Many pet owners subscribe to Bark Box and similar sites like Pupjoy, which sends your dog a monthly box full of goodies and treats.

You can also add your pet to your Amazon account and add their favorite foods, toys, etc. for making shopping for them easier.

Mental and physical health

There is an increased amount of attention towards not only your pet’s physical health, but also mental. There are tons of apps to ensure your pet gets the amount of exercise they need, but people are starting to get more and more interested in the mentality of their pet. We’ve seen pets are capable of learning and understanding through studies and, of course, social media. Through apps like Clever Pet, you don’t have to worry about your pet being bored while sitting at home by themselves, because they exercise their mind.

There are also apps like Wonderwoof that track your dog’s walks like a fit bit. It also lets you know if there are any dogs around so they can play together!

These are just some of the many examples of how the pet tech is expanding and becoming better for our pets. Whether it’s a little silly like social media to heartwarming like telemedicine, our pets are a priority to us and the industry that is creating products that make their and their owners lives better. It makes you wonder what kind of lives our little buddies will have in the years to come!

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