Stylish Merch Ideas For Your Brand

Stylish Merch Ideas For Your Brand

Creating and launching a brand can be a testing period. There is competition out there, but do not worry, if you have stylish merchandise you can ensure that your brand and business can get out there, get seen and get noticed by your target audience. Forget the bland and the boring – these merchandise ideas will get your brand the attention it deserves. From pens and branded books to caps and hats you can rest assured that you can get your brand out there in a variety of shapes and styles that suit and enhance your business.

Mugs, Travel Mugs, Water Bottles

Everyone has to drink, so why not make sure that what they are drinking from has your branding on. A mug that gets used in an office, or a travel mug that gets used on train and bus journeys will ensure your branding gets out there and gets seen by your target market/audience. In addition to mugs, you can get water bottles branded and personalized. Water bottles are heavily used out and about and even at the gym, and you should find they can help you reach new markets and audiences. Water bottles are taken everywhere and used anywhere as they are easy to carry and highly useful.

Hats and Caps

Whether it is summer or winter, hats and caps are popular. You can get custom new era hats that are stylish and that effortlessly promote your brand too. Hats and caps are items of merchandise that are used all year round, and they are items that can quickly and easily be seen. Nothing covers a cap or hat, so you can ensure that your branding is seen correctly at all times without compromise.

Sunglasses and Facemasks

Sunglasses are used all year round and whether they are used to shield someone’s eyes or they are left on a coffee table, they are working to promote your brand. Facemasks have been in use for many years now and can be worn all year around. As the face is one of the first things people see a facemask with your branding, logo or similar on would get instant and continuous exposure.

Blankets and Throws

From picnic blankets to small throws used when travelling, they all get your brand noticed. They are ideal to be used as gifts or giveaways and as they are carried around frequently you can also ensure they are reaching new audiences and markets. From fleece blankets to cloth throws there is a throw or blanket that is suitable for your brand.

Getting your brand noticed, recognized and remembered has never been so simple, quick or easy. Remember that any merchandize you use must be professionally produced as it reflects your business, your brand and your offering. Amateur merchandising will look cheap and it will not win you any new customers or improve your brands image and reputation. Try to use a variety of merchandising ideas to ensure you reach as much of your target audience as possible.

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