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Cancer Treatment: List Of The Best Hospitals You Can Choose

Cancer Treatment: List Of The Best Hospitals You Can Choose

Sahil Sharma 560 16-Mar-2021

The rapid increase in cancer patients' number is an alarming indication of the rising cancer burden upon us. Ignoring the symptoms or prolonging the diagnosis due to any reason will only aid in worsening the case. Therefore, it is crucial to avail the right treatment from the right hospital.

Delhi, the national capital, is home to some of the most reputable and successful hospitals for healing cancer. If you're planning to avail of cancer treatment in Delhi, then these are the top medical facilities you must consider:

Max Healthcare

Run by some of the most eminent doctors present in the country, the oncology department of Max Healthcare is undoubtedly state-of-the-art. Equipped with cutting edge technology like Da Vinci Xi Robotic System, SBRT, HIPEC, Novalis Tx, etc., the hospital is steered by focused leadership and highly coordinated teamwork, all reflected in their tumour board.

The best cancer treatment in Delhi's major oncology branches include:
●    Breast Oncology
●    Head & Neck Oncology
●    Neuro-Oncology
●    Uro-Oncology
●    Gastrointestinal Oncology
●    haematology-oncology
●    Paediatric (Ped) Oncology
●    Gynecologic Oncology
●    Musculoskeletal Oncology
●    Thoracic Oncology

Apollo Cancer Institute, Indraprastha

Apollo hospitals are one of the most prominent medical centres for all kinds of treatments, especially in availing cancer treatment in Delhi here. Being a standalone unit, it offers comprehensive care to its patients along with exclusiveness.

The cancer treatments and techniques available here include:
●    Proton Therapy
●    Cyberknife and Tomotherapy
●    Medical Oncology
●    Surgical Oncology
●    Radiation Oncology
●    Transplants

BLK Cancer Centre

Adopting a patient-centric approach to provide utmost relief and comfort to them, BLK Cancer Centre is a big name in cancer treatment. Supported by revolutionary technology, facility and infrastructure, the medical centre is a huge success thanks to its highly qualified and experienced medical professionals team.

The three advanced treatment programmes offered by BLK Cancer Centre are:
●    Medical Oncology
●    Surgical Oncology
●    Radiation Oncology

Moolchand Cancer Institute

India's first JCI and NABH accredited hospital, Moolchand, has been paving the ideal way for cancer treatment for the past nine decades. By collaborating all their services and integrating them to increase the relief and survivorship in patients, the hospital extends the management of the following types of cancers:

●    Leukaemia, Lymphoma and Myeloma
●    Head & Neck
●    Gastrointestinal
●    Brain
●    Lungs
●    Urological
●    Gynaecological
●    Breast and Sarcomas, etc.

Rajiv Gandhi Cancer Institute And Research Centre

NABH accredited for 'Hospital', 'Blood bank' and 'Laboratory', the recognition and certifications themselves speak for the excellence of RGCI&RC. Holding empathy as the most significant value close to their hearts whilst treating patients, the hospital is one of Asia's largest tertiary cancer care centres.

The facility owns the following departments for specialised cancer treatment in Delhi:

●    Department of Surgical Oncology
●    Radiation Therapy for Cancer- Radiation Oncology Treatment
●    Department of Medical Oncology
●    Department of Anaesthesiology
●    Department of Internal Medicine
●    Pediatric Hematology and Oncology Services
●    Pain Management Clinic
●    Radionuclide Therapy
●    Stem Cell - Bone Marrow Transplant
●    Tace & Vascular Embolization, etc.


The list mentioned above includes the top hospitals in Delhi that are gaining international recognition because of their splendid hospitality and amenities. If you're looking for cancer hospitals, then it is recommended that you consult the experts here for the best treatment at reasonable prices.

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