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How to Collaborate with Other Developers

How to Collaborate with Other Developers

Pedro Araez 642 12-Mar-2021

If you are trying to start your career in web development and need to get a portfolio together, working with other budding developers could be a good idea. While it’s important to include solo projects in your resume, working with a team could allow you all to create a much more impressive final product that could help boost all of your careers. If this is something you think you would be interested in pursuing, below are a few tips to help you navigate working with a team and to make things easier for you all.

Break the Ice

If you’re working with a group of strangers or people you don’t know very well, breaking the ice is essential. The more you get to know each other as a group, the better the experience will be, and you’ll find yourself more inspired to work as a team. Whether you all meet up for a drink or arrange a virtual chat via Zoom, having some ice-breakers ready to help you all start conversations is a good idea.

Understand Your Role

Getting to know each other is a great start, but if you want this project to run smoothly, you also need to determine your roles within the group. For example, who is acting as the project manager? They will be the ones responsible for scheduling, organizing group meetings, setting up email threads, drop boxes, etc. You all must understand what your responsibilities are in the group so things can be completed in due course and you avoid stepping on each other’s toes. It might be worth discussing what people want to get out of their careers at this time because some roles might be better suited to certain career paths.

Use Open Source Platforms

Sharing files with your collaborators is essential in any project, but as developers, you might find it easier to use open source platforms. If you have security concerns, some providers can put your mind at ease, such as, which can provide excellent platforms for DevOps and secure, private messaging between groups.

Agree on Deadlines

Have an open discussion about what you all think you can manage realistically in terms of deadlines so there is no delay and to avoid frustration. People in the group might have other commitments that will affect their scheduling, and this should be factored in. There may also be unforeseen circumstances that slow down your project, so it’s wise to make room in the schedule to allow the group time to fix any issues before the final deadline.

Open Communication

Finally, if you want this project to be a success, you need to communicate effectively with one another. This means more than just staying in touch via messaging or email, but also speaking up if you’re struggling or have any concerns. This allows the rest of the team the opportunity to help you or clarify anything you’re confused about. It can also help to reduce tensions if there are increasing frustrations with your co-workers, enabling you all to move on with these issues resolved.

Working with others can be a lot of fun, but it can also be challenging. Use these tips to help you on your next collaboration with developers so you can all get the best results.

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