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5 Money-Making Restaurant Promotion Ideas Hard To Ignore

5 Money-Making Restaurant Promotion Ideas Hard To Ignore

Chris Pickford745 27-Feb-2021

In the past few years for every restaurant business owner, generating new business at a restaurant has the most challenging and complicated task. Today’s customers are mostly restaurant discounts hunter looking for food deals near me to have cheap food at a diner. And, they are now bestowed with a crazy array of feasible options which is why restaurants have no option but compete for customer attention afar location.

More than 1/3 of the restaurant-goers search for deals before choosing where to eat - RetailMeNot

If you are one among the hundreds of thousands of diner owners who are striving for business growth, then you must try offering fantastic marketing promotions like food deals near me, discounts, coupons, and more.

Here are some of the fail-proof restaurant promotions worth trying

Combo Deals

Nowadays, any restaurant you come across introduces combo deals as they offer value meals which are a win-win for both the customer and restaurant. Customers who come for dining want a sumptuous meal and most of the restaurants are glad to offer a combination of foods and a drink that are priced in such a manner that it saves the consumer money while encouraging a larger built-in upsell.  Basically, combo deals are restaurant discounts best for bulk selling and churning via inventory, and they lead to higher sales.

Special Holiday Offer

Have you tried promoting your restaurant business on special holidays, if then you must get this idea rolling? There are several special holidays that keep coming up, you can choose any holiday to offer food at discount along with complimentary gifts to make your slow restaurant busy. Floating such restaurant discounts not only encourage recurrent sales but also can easily turn your guests into your loyal customers.

BOGO (buy one, get one) Offer

BOGO (or buy one, get one) is one of the tried-and-tested discounting techniques that is simple to implement and measure profits, while customers find it as a valuable deal. Such 50 % off restaurants help customers to save 50% on their entire bill, and this fact helps a restaurant in building a solid base of repeat customers. Although before floating this restaurant discount, it is essential for the owner to do the math on how lucrative their items are and which less priced dishes are good to give away. It is important to keep such restaurant promotions open for a limited time period and track the results to check if it is a money-making idea for the next time.

Gift Card Discounts

Restaurant gift cards give you a chance to treat your loved ones and save a little extra on your bill. This type of restaurant promotion can attract customers’ attention towards your restaurant and can prompt customers to try new and different dishes without fear of shelling too much money on items their taste buds might not like. However, you got to educate your target customers about your gift card, sorts of redeemable discounts, and the balance left on it after use.

Birthday Discounts

What else can be best for your restaurant sales than a customer celebrating his/her birthday at your diner. You must focus on giving the best deal to enhance customer loyalty at the same time promote your deal to the fullest. Birthday discounts are the classic restaurant promotion that can help you to make your restaurant the perfect place for customers to spend all their big days.

In addition, get personal information like name, age, date of birth, favorite cuisines filled in by your customer as well as their guest and keep in regular touch with them by sending discount messages. Increase such correspondence before their birthday so that they keep your place in mind as a would-be celebration destination.

The Final Say

Undoubtedly, restaurant promotions and coupons are the most effective catalyst for customers to choose a restaurant. However, before you start brainstorming, selecting, and strategizing any restaurant discount or marketing campaign it's crucial to understand your unique business needs and customer profile.

Remember, a huge part of your profits can be drawn by accepting online bookings and ordering. In this digital age, it’s important to draw people to your restaurant/diner/eatery via exclusive online promotions on the restaurant website. All in all, make sure you try these unique restaurant promotion ideas as they are a magnet to draw your target customers into your eatery and mint money.

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