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How to Effectively Utilise Remote Working as a Growing Business

How to Effectively Utilise Remote Working as a Growing Business

Pedro Araez 581 24-Feb-2021

When your business starts to experience growth, you need to do everything that you can to nurture that growth and move your business forward. For many business owners, one of the major issues with expanding is having the financial means to follow through. Cutting back on your costs by moving to a remote work setup can help you to save a lot of money as a growing business, which is money you can then reinvest to bolster your business and set yourself up for even more success moving forward.

More and more businesses are beginning to realize the benefits that remote working can provide. With your team working remotely, you can cut back on your monthly costs in a number of different ways. Having extra capital to play around with, you can invest in your digital marketing campaigns, improve your website, streamline your processes and make other important updates in your company to improve performance and increase profits.

Let’s take a look at just a few ways that you can save money by utilizing remote working as a growing business.

Avoid Expensive Office Rent

Renting an office space in the heart of the CBD can cost you a small fortune each month. Even if you are leasing office space in the suburbs, it will still be a significant expense for your business each month. You will also need to pay your overheads, utility bills and maintenance costs. These bills can add up to be a quite significant sum each month. Working remotely, however, you can eliminate all of these costs as you and your team can work from home instead. You can track your staff working hours using touchless clock-in technology to keep on track of performance and payroll, even when you are not working together in the same physical space.

Cut Back On Staffing Costs

When you are working remotely, you might not need as many staff members to run your business, helping you to cut back on your staffing costs. When your team is working from home, they will have fewer interruptions from customers, suppliers and other visitors to your business premises. There are also certain positions that will no longer be required such as cleaners, landscapers, and perhaps some admin staff. You can hire freelancers online instead of hiring a full-time team to ensure you remain productive without the responsibility of managing a full-time staff.

Embrace The Cloud

Regardless of what type of business you are running, utilizing cloud technology is key for any remote business to succeed. Storing your important files and documents on the cloud will allow you and your team to collaborate and share files with ease. Using cloud-based business software solutions you can implement a range of different business-specific software that can help you to streamline your business processes and operate more efficiently. From accounting to marketing to project management, there are countless tools that can help you to manage your remote team.

Use The Right Hardware

To ensure that your team can complete their work to the very best of their abilities, you need to ensure that you provide them with the right tools for the job. A high-performance laptop and a smartphone will be essential. Be sure that the laptop has all of the software platforms that your team will need to be installed on before your employee receives it, or provide clear instructions as to how they can get their machine set up. It’s also wise to provide your team with what they need to be ergonomically positioned at their workstations to help prevent injury, reduce fatigue and allow for maximum comfort.

Use Remote Working To Your Advantage

The number of employees working remotely has increased dramatically over the last few years. Using remote working as part of your business strategy can help you to increase productivity and generate more sales while saving you money in the process. For business owners, this makes remote working a win-win solution. Implement a remote working setup in your business and start enjoying all of the benefits that remote work can offer you and your team. 

Updated 27-Feb-2021

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