How to Get Your Kids to Try Stand-up Paddleboarding

How to Get Your Kids to Try Stand-up Paddleboarding

Nowadays, kids love spending time with tablets and smartphones. As a good parent, you need to introduce outdoor activities that are entertaining and beneficial.

Some of the activities you can try are water sports such as swimming and stand-up paddleboarding.

Stand-up paddleboarding is a water sport that kids can love. According to various studies, SUP is an activity full of health benefits and helps to stay fit.

Children will have fun as they work out. You will also have a good time together as a family.

To get started, here are simple steps on how to get your kids to try Stand-up paddleboarding. Check for more SUP related information.

10 Steps on how to get your kids to start stand-up paddleboarding

1. Give your kids enough time to practice

If you can do stand-up paddleboarding for hours, do not expect the same from your kids. Your aim is to make the activity enjoyable for them so they can do it more and more.

Therefore, drop your high expectations and give your kids enough time to practice. They might get bored after a few falls and challenges. However, they are just children.

2. Your kids should know how to swim

Before anyone, particularly kids can try stand-paddleboarding, they should know how to swim. Remember they will fall a lot of times. Hence, they need to be comfortable in the water.

3. Have the right gear for your kid

Make sure you have a kid’s paddleboard, a leash, paddle, and PFD. Avoid using adult gear.

Kid’s stand-up paddleboards are small and easy for them. Also, they come with fun graphics and colors. This is to make the kids love the sport.

4. Begin in a calm and easy location

When getting started, choose a calm and easy location. Do not let the children begin stand-up paddleboarding in choppy waters or windy conditions. Remember, confidence plays a big role in paddleboarding.

Likewise, avoid a crowded place that is filled with people and boats. Pick an area without motorboats, waves, and a lot of people. But ensure the fins do not touch the bottom.

5. Let your kids start with kneeling or sitting position

Do not move straight to a standing position. Let your child sit or kneel to gain confidence and balance. It will also help them get used to the paddle and the board.

At this step, teach them how to keep balance and to hold a paddle. Show them all the basics they need to know before moving to the standing position.

6. Move to the standing position

After learning how to paddle in the kneeling or sitting position, they can move to the standing position. Remember to show them how to stand, where to stand, and where they should look.

Looking at the board will make them lose balance and fall. However, if they focus on the horizon, they will maintain stability. When they fall, let them know it is part of the sport.

7. Teach them the basic techniques

You need to ensure your little one knows all the basic techniques. Keep in mind that what you teach is what will stick in their minds. Therefore, do not let them learn the poor techniques.

For instance, teach them how to use the core muscles. They should avoid using the arm muscles. Also, teach them how to fall correctly.

8. Compliment them a lot

Stand-up paddleboarding is not an easy activity. Therefore, you need to compliment them when they try.

Remember their minds and muscles will need to master the techniques. Always appreciate the small and big things they do.

9. Do not stay in the water for too long

To some kids, it might be fun to stay in the water for many hours. However, if you notice they are exhausted, take a break. One way to do it is to sit on the paddleboards.

Since stand-up paddleboarding might not be a simple exercise for some kids, you can learn a thing or two in one day.

10. Enjoy the sport

This essential part of paddleboarding is to have fun. Though there might be tears due to falls, try as much as you can to have fun.

If you notice the kids are struggling, encourage them to take a break. When it seems hard and they are not getting it, show them it just a game.


Stand-up paddleboarding is a great water sport for anyone. Hence, you can teach your kids how to SUP.

However, ensure they know how to swim, they have the right gear, and you start in a calm location. Without rushing the process, they will love the experience and wish to come back. They can join kidszone.

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