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7 Key trends of Text analytics for scaling enterprise solutions

7 Key trends of Text analytics for scaling enterprise solutions

Pedro Araez 699 03-Feb-2021

Text analytics is a technique to extract meaning from unstructured text data. It includes an analysis of text written by the target audience in the customer survey to find common trends and themes. The objective of text analytics is to examine consumer feedback which helps businesses take certain strategic actions that help improve the customer experience.

Business organizations are using the latest trends in text analytics to scale different enterprise solutions. Such companies can make the right choice to leverage machine learning, text analytics software, and natural language processing algorithms, which effectively uncover the hidden meaning of text data. It also plays an integral role in making the most efficient.

C-level executives and CIOs are under heavy pressure for adopting to scale enterprise solutions and drive efficiency across the organization. It is also beneficial in getting an edge over the competitors. They have the notion that the failure to scale text analytics can lead to a reduction in growth, which might cause a loss in the revenue of the business in the future.

Though business organizations are enthusiastic and excited about scaling and adopting text analytics, they might reduce the revenue. Surveyed businesses engage in different practices that offer support to the adoption. Owing to this, business organizations are using text analytics for a plethora of different business processes. Here are the seven key trends of text analytics that help to scale enterprise solutions.

Consider text analytics to be a long-term investment

Effective use of text analytics might take some time. At times, it takes years to perform it successfully. Performing faster does not mean that you are doing it correctly. The ultimate objective is that their primary focus is ensuring quick and faster winning. Using text analytics solutions for scaling business operations indicates that the employees must use it purposefully while exercising persistence and patience. You should make sure to view it as an investment in the long-term project.

Becoming experimental and agile

Every business enterprise must realize that a robust business tool or a fully formed idea capable of performing all the functions is not mandatory to make the best use of text analytics. Business organizations should understand that if they are on the way to scale AI capabilities effectively, mistakes are likely to occur.

It is a good idea to look at such shortcomings and mistakes as the ultimate discovery source, which might foster the innovation culture. A test-and-learn mindset is necessary for this context as it provides the prerequisite opportunity to the organization's employees to make better preparations that they can resolve such kinds of issues in the future easily. In this context, it is recommended to opt for an agile approach for getting user feedback early and rectifying minor issues before they turn out to the crucial issues.

Collaboration is the key

It is possible to achieve text analytics only by the collaboration between different cross-functional departments and teams. Besides this, it is feasible for different large-scale business organizations to confer a prerequisite combination of perspectives, ideas, and skills. It allows different enterprises to adapt for resolving different business challenges. Different teams are placed in a better position for analyzing the effect of text analytics on the operation. In addition to this, they would recommend certain tweaks for enhancing various processes. As a result, business organizations will be fostering a teamwork culture across different departments and teams.

Training the employees

To make the best use of text analytics, upskilling is necessary across different departments. As a result, business organizations come up with different types of in-house training programs to complete different job functions related to text analytics. Retaining and attracting the best talent is believed to be an indispensable part of conducting successfully. As a result, business organizations should look for different processes for attracting and retaining the best talents. Various business organizations come with rotational programs and dual career paths to enhance the employees' retention and skills.

Maintaining transparency

Transparency is essential to scale different enterprise solutions. Text analytics delivers different business outcomes necessary for understanding how it will produce suggestions, results, and compliance authorities. Though every business enterprise can't understand the deep neural networks' nitty-gritty, it is essential to gain a specific understanding level of the working principle of text analytics.

Incentivizing the organization’s employees

A culture of acknowledgment and recognition motivates the employees to innovate. The leaders are known to shine a specific spotlight proactively on the organization's workforce, which offers a helping hand in building success. The creation of new and unique rules of the enterprise's best performers, offering promotions to such people, is recognized as the key trend. Such rules help to scale different enterprise solutions.

Ensure that the processes of the business are not broken initially.

Most business organizations start using text analytics to have the correct data. Every business organization needs a premium quality of data for its successful operation. Before you focus on the right data problems, the business enterprise must evaluate if they are running the correct processes. Most enterprises tend to skip such a step. However, it is essential to conduct this specific step to help business organizations address different data issues strategically. It also helps structure the information, which is required for projects.


A plethora of businesses adopts text analytics for the successful operation of the business. It is important to enhance the return on investment. Hence, business organizations should adopt a holistic approach and take the above trends into consideration.

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Updated 19-Feb-2021
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