Why Online Tutoring Has Become A Popular Choice These Days

Why Online Tutoring Has Become A Popular Choice These Days

Over the past couple of years, online tutoring has become more and more popular—especially with the impact of COVID-19. Students all around the world converted to online learning in 2020 and because of various lockdowns, digital tutoring became the only choice. However, there are more benefits to online tutoring than keeping children safe from COVID-19.

Below are some of the key benefits of online tutoring:


Online tutoring is very flexible, which means it’s very convenient. Students can be anywhere when they’re being tutored—they don’t even have to be in the same country as the tutor. This flexibility means that you can choose the very best tutor available, not just one close by.

It’s much easier to fit online tutoring into family schedules because there’s no need to be at a certain venue at a set time. Instead, the student can choose when it suits them the best, whether that’s after school or on the weekend. Or, if help is needed straight away, then students can connect with a tutor in a few clicks. Many companies that offer online tutoring, such as TutorMe, meaning there are options for all needs and budgets.

Boosts Confidence

Tutoring often increases a student’s confidence in subjects they may be struggling in. This is because students receive the attention and focus that they may be missing in class. If they’re struggling with a specific topic or a certain concept, then one-on-one assistance will increase their understanding and consequently, their confidence.

This is especially crucial around exam time. The last thing any student wants is to go into an exam feeling underprepared. Online tutoring allows students to receive tutoring any time leading up to an exam, including the day before.

Helps Children Become Independent Thinkers

Online tutoring gives students more authority over their education, in that they can easily reach out for help when they need it. In addition, tutors can teach students how to effectively do their own research outside of what they learn in class. This skill is extremely important in the later years of high school and during university. In these learning environments, teachers and lecturers are less likely to hold students’ hands and guide them throughout the course. They’re expected to know how to conduct strong research.


Not only can the tutors customize the topics but they can also adapt the learning activities to each students’ needs. For instance, if a student is a visual learner, the tutor can include more images, but if they’re a kinesthetic learner, then the tutor can provide hands-on activities.

Tutoring sessions can also be altered according to student requirements. If they need to go at a slow pace, then the tutor can tailor the sessions to cover less content in more detail, or, if a student is a fast learner, they can make them quicker.

Similarly, some students may excel at writing content but struggle to collate lab reports or write essays.

Cost Effective

In many cases, online tutoring is cheaper than in-person tutoring. There are multiple reasons for this but a main one is because tutors can be sourced from anywhere, including overseas. This means parents and students can find a tutor that suits their budget. It also takes away the cost of commuting to the venue. This is particularly useful for parents who’d prefer to pay more for the actual online tutor, as opposed to the cost of transport to ensure their child receives the best help.

Better Environment

The environment in which students' study and learn has a huge effect on how well they understand a topic. Some find it hard to learn in a classroom with so many other students around and lots of noise. The flexibility that online tutoring allows means that students can choose where they're tutored. This could be at their desk at home, where it’s quieter with less distractions, or it could be in the school library if they find home too distracting.

Why Online Tutoring Has Become A Popular Choice These Days

Shift to STEM Subjects

At the moment, there’s a big focus on STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) subjects. The concepts and information in these subjects can often be hard for students to comprehend. Institutions and STEM industries are pushing for more students to continue studying these subjects throughout high school and into university. If students are having trouble with these topics, then online tutoring can help them understand, get focused attention and identify exactly what it is about the subjects they find difficult.

It’s believed that between 17% and 30% of elementary students suffer from math anxiety in the US. A study from 2015 found that students who felt anxious when it came to math also believed tutoring significantly lowered their nerves. This didn’t necessarily mean the support strengthened their math skills, but they were less anxious to approach the subject.

Tech-savvy Students

Students these days are extremely tech savvy, having used laptops and tablets in the classroom for many years. Online tutoring plays to these strengths. Students can use any device to access online tutoring. They can talk face-to-face through the screen to the tutors, use interactive whiteboards, and share images. Most workplaces heavily rely on technology, too, so it’s great for students to become familiar with working digitally to make the transition to life after school even easier.

Tutor Availability

It doesn’t matter what time or what day a student needs help, online tutoring services are typically available 24/7. This means that as soon as a student becomes stuck or doesn't understand something properly, they can get help — even if that’s at 11.30 pm the night before a test.


Online tutoring has become so popular because of its flexibility and customizable elements. These allow the students to learn in a style and pace that suits them, and the 24/7 availability means they can receive this help whenever and whenever they need it. Ultimately, this personalized support ensures the student feels supported and able to achieve their academic goals.

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