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All you need to know about developing an App for your Online Casino.

All you need to know about developing an App for your Online Casino.

Pedro Araez1359 04-Jan-2021

There used to be a time when to enjoy a little gambling, the average Joe used to visit any nearby casino. This was sometimes a nuisance due to casinos being quite limited in some countries, which made it quite difficult for some people to be able to access the casino games they know and love. Thanks to the massive advancement in technology, we now have the privilege to be able to gamble at any time we like, from wherever we are, given that we have an electronic device such as a computer, tablet or mobile phone, and a stable internet connection.

As technology kept advancing and smart mobile phones started being used more than ever, casinos such as the best online casino India has to offer and more, have been working harder and harder on creating the optimal gaming experience for their clients who like to play on a mobile platform. Therefore, casino apps were born. We’re not talking about the browser-oriented web-apps that you can visit on your phone’s internet explorer, we’re talking about actual downloaded apps specifically for players to enjoy a full fledged mobile experience on your online casino.

All you need to know about developing an App for your Online Casino.

Is it necessary to design an app to accompany your online casino? 
-Yes, and here’s why;

First and foremost, let’s talk about statistics;

  • The amount of money gambled through mobile devices worldwide will reach $100 billion USD by the year 2021.
  • Around 51% of the world population gambles.
  • Around 46% of the whole population use their smartphones to play games in general.
  • 20% of smartphone owners browse the internet mostly through their cell phone.

Secondly, here’s some advantages that an app for your casino could bring along with it;

It Makes It Easier To Learn

An app for your casino can increase the ease of learning, by helping your clients learn rules and strategies for different casino games using mock-up games where the players can play without having to use real money, so if they’re new to the game they don’t have to jump straight into the paid version of the game that shook their interest.

The Ultimate Compatibility

You can also make your app compatible with all operating systems, like iOS, Windows or Android, so that all your users can access your app without any specific model requirements. This would be highly recommended and can give your app but mostly your online casino the highest all-round publicity.

A Bigger Variety of Games

Casino apps also have the ability to offer a wide range and selection of games, such as slots, video poker, table games, and even live games, to keep clients busy and not get bored after playing a limited amount of games for so long.

Easier Payment Methods

A mobile application can also introduce auto-fill payments, and mobile payments to your clients, which are a lot easier and less time-consuming than having to insert your card details to set up a bank transfer. This simplifies the paying process for the clients and makes it just a little bit more satisfying.

Easier To Communicate With Clients

With an app, casinos have the option to send communications more directly and easily than any other method. Downloaded apps can leave you a push notification when they have something they would like you to know like bonuses, new additions, or changes to their systems, which could be a lot more effective than a public social media post or an email message.

Better Reach

A casino app can also widen your customer reach, considering not all gamblers can afford a desktop computer or a laptop to be able to play on. Some have smartphones as their only option to enjoy access to the online casino, and unfortunately, browser web apps aren’t really good enough sometimes. This means with a proper application you’ll be able to reach unforeseen heights when it comes to number of users and customer reach.

Ease Of Access

The fact that people would have the casino icon on their smart phone’s home screen, makes it easier than ever to access their favourite online casino, keeping them only a tap away from playing casino games. It doesn’t seem like it makes much of a difference however you’d be surprised how much more often people would tap an icon rather than having to enter their browser and searching for it online.

Overall, there’s many other reasons why you should create an app for your online casino. And for something that has this many advantages, you would think that there could be some disadvantages to it as well, however, we are happy to say there aren’t! Producing an app for your casino may need an extra effort from your end, however we can promise you that it will surely be worth it, for you (the online casino owner like CasinoChan Canada), and mostly for your returning clients, who will only improve their loyalty towards your games, as you improve the convenience for them to be able to access them!

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