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Top 8 trending Web App Development technologies expected in 2021

Top 8 trending Web App Development technologies expected in 2021

Simone watson 1138 16-Dec-2020

Technological trends change every year and something new is evolved, this implies web apps and mobile apps as well. New web app development trends facilitate a new direction for businesses and developers. The implication of Artificial Intelligence on Web app development lead businesses toward progress can be very beneficial to the market performance. This technique is used by big companies like Google, Amazon, or Forbes most. To maintain such a leading level business, one needs to adopt and analyze tendencies. Along with this not to ignore technology that can bring a huge change in web app development trends.

Whether your business is based on digital, e-Commercial, technological, or other any innovation, you must be aware of the Top 8 trending web app development technologies expected in 2021 for best market performance among all the competitors.

  • PWAs

PWA or progressive web app development company are serving numerous advantages like they can be operated without the internet also, pop up notifications, provide a user experience similar to the native mobile apps so smooth and stable. Also, allow light and fast downloads. The development process in PWA is less challenging as compared to the native apps. PWA developers have to monitor only a single code base. When the web app is ready it can be uploaded directly to the server without a license like for the AppStore or PlayStore.

  • Artificial Intelligence

AI enables a great level of personalization, Storage, and processing of a large number of customers' data. Data storage and auto suggestion represent to a client how important and relevant it is to your business. Artificial intelligence is useful in analyses, it utilizes customers’ previous purchases, top category pages, number of visits to the website, history of searches, and more. AI platforms enable this smart technology to make more accurate and relevant recommendations by collecting more and more data about individual customers.

  • Internet of Things

The Internet of Things analyzes large amounts of data that is collected, processed, and transferred from sensors through cloud networks which prevents any delays in the system. The IoT assures high security of all the data-based processes, building a dynamic and interactive UI experience leads to accurate results. Smartwatches, chatbots integration, personal assistants, in websites. Also, the predictive support on mobile platforms and computing devices with small displays are just a few examples that IoT implements into web development.

  • Chatbots

In recent years we have seen a huge enhancement in web app development. The demand for automatic communication assistance in website to not to let any customer without a quote. Chatbots are integrated with machine learning algorithms, that let them to respond queries from web visitors without any human assistance. Chatbots are experts in providing smart solutions to common queries themselves and allowed pass on the issue later to a higher authority if required.

  • Voice Search Optimization

The voice search technology is gaining smart popularity daily. From the TechCrunch, 66,4 million Americans own a smart speaker. Now people love to utilize smart speakers with voice search assistance instead of using buttons and numerous taps. This user interface has improved the search engine processes and brought up a new evolution into search strategies for the online business. A third out of 3,5 billion searches daily are voice searches on Google.

  • Single-page Applications

Worldwide famous companies like Uber, Facebook, and Google have started to utilize single-page applications. SPA or single-page apps work inside the browser they do not require many a time page reloading while working over them. The major advantage of this single page application is its user experience to serve a natural environment. unlike traditional applications, there is no page reloading problem just once at the start.

  • Single-page Websites

A single-page web app inspired as single page app does not have any additional page like service, about, or testimonial. Content is full of important points, and links that navigate users to different information linked with it.  

  • Accelerated Mobile Pages

The New York Times, The Guardian, and The Washington Post are some new websites that utilize the AMP carriage after the early realization of magnified visibility in mobile news carousels. These websites are rewarded by publisher carousels with top rank on mobile search engine result pages after adopting AMP carriage.


This is the right time to realize the redefined aspect of Web App Development Company India and trends every year, and believe that it can renovate the market performance of your web app. Under the circumstances of the 2020 pandemic and lockdown it has moved to better realization, business has learned the remote working and way of using advantages of features that web development trends offer. AppSquadz is assisting the tendency for rapid development and positive changes in 2021 that will touch not only the technology sphere.

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