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Artificial Intelligence : Introduction and Benefits to Business

Artificial Intelligence : Introduction and Benefits to Business

Deb Chatterji 641 10-Dec-2020

With business perspective, the significance of AI increases. As we say, change is constant. So AI is the biggest change in the sphere of all businesses whether B2B or B2C. And this change will be constant.

Customer demands aren’t just demands, they are trends which one must look out for. In short, most of the businesses are going gaga over digital methods. They are looking forward to attract huge engagements for themselves. The vast data always required a manual churn and the decision making was a very time consuming process. Thanks to the artificial intelligences, the decision making process is swift. Artificial Intelligence has played a key part in reshaping a business structure and showed the industry how it is done. The algorithms or say instructions, keep track of your preferred products and filters the keyword related to it. Technology involves a major part of it while AI is concerned.

What is this Artificial Intelligence?

The word artificial intelligence is perceived differently by many different people. While it may mean machines for some, it denotes some clever and automatic equipment which serve according to a client’s requirements– robots, machine learning, automobiles that run automatically, text editors, payments running through electronic mode, chatbots, search algorithms etc are some examples of artificial intelligence. Some of them are those type of examples that are of everyday use and provide a great assistance. So, we will now head to the definition of AI:

Artificial intelligence is the domain of computers which is linked to the learning. It also includes conceptual analysis of the machines. Those machines have the ability to perceive like humans. This process also involves the ability to think, to solve problems, managing, reasoning, etc.

Scope of Artificial Intelligence

I. Advantages and Disadvantages:

When we speak of the scope in AI, we mean getting the work done with minimum risk. With a greater degree of penetration in the task, the company can reach its goals.

In the robotics industry, we can use artificial intelligence in inaccessible places, or in a place with greater amount of risk, such as water, radiation etc.

These could be the plus points of AI, but we must also learn that the cost of maintenance as well as manufacturing is high for a business to use state-of-the-art machines. Saving time is an effective resource, but we must also make sure that our business could also be affected if we replicate humans completely. So, we wouldn’t want to replace humans which are also a worthy manpower.

II. Where can a person set his career to use AI?

• Private enterprises

• Academics

• Health Industry

• Hospitality industry

• Aeronautics

• Defense or the military.

Artificial intelligence is evolving in the industry due to its worthiness. We can say, it’s becoming a part of our daily life. Here’s how:

While interpreting commands, some machines are capable of being quick when compared to a normal human being. Or while driving a vehicle, a perfectly instructed machine can drive very well. An automatic car can detect turns and obstacles much clearly. Therefore, in the upcoming years, AI could be better than human beings.


This was a brief insight into AI where each and every job will be done from a futuristic point of view. AI is more cost-bound when it comes to the allocation of machines compared to humans, if we are being honest. Therefore, humans need to learn some practical applications to get an insight into the company proceedings. This way, AI can affect human beings in a positive way – while saving time and costs.

Updated 10-Dec-2020
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