How to Start Poultry Farming Business

How to Start Poultry Farming Business

Do you know, how to start poultry farming business? If you are looking for starting poultry farming business, then you are in the right place. Here we are trying to describe more about starting poultry farming business.

Before discussing more let me first explain more about poultry farming. According to ROYS FARM poultry farming means 'raising various types of domestic birds commercially for the purpose of meat, eggs and feather production'. 

Poultry farming is a very common and popular throughout the world. It is a lucrative business and the poultry birds are raised throughout the world. 

How to Start Poultry Farming Business 

Starting poultry farming is very easy and common. Here we are trying to describe more information about starting and operating a successful poultry farming business. 

Select Farm Location 

First of all, you have to select a very good location for starting your poultry farming business. It will be better if the location is in the village area. Because lands are much cheaper in the rural areas. 

The selected land must have to be free from residential area. The area should have good transportation facilities. And it will be better if the selected area become free from all types of pollution and sounds. 

Choose Products

Before starting, determine the products you want to produce. You can produce eggs and meat or both from a poultry farms. The eggs producing chickens are called layer chickens, and the birds raised for meat are called broilers.

Select Good Breed

After determining your production purpose, select the right breed. Consult with an expert in your area for better recommendations. 

Purchase Chicks

Purchase chicks from any of your nearest poultry hatcheries. Today, poultry hatcheries are available throughout the world. So, you will probably be able to easily purchase chicks from any of your local suppliers. 


Making a good and comfortable house for your poultry birds is very important. Ensure that your house is ready before bringing the chicks.


Feeding the birds with nutritious food is the most important part of successful poultry farming business. So, always try to feed your chickens with good and nutritious food. You can feed your chickens with ready-made or commercial poultry feeds.


Taking good care of the birds is also very important. Monitor your bird's health regularly and keep good contact with a vet in your area.


Marketing poultry products is very easy. Because both meat and eggs of chicken have very good demand and value in the market. So, you will probably be able to easily sell your products in the local market.

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Tanmay Roy

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