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How to Brand Your Restaurant to Attract Diners

How to Brand Your Restaurant to Attract Diners

Jyoti734 20-Oct-2020

Your brand name is an important part of who you are as a business. The right name can get customers to gravitate to your business. There are endless names you can give your brand. If you're trying to name your business, you can choose a name or get help from a professional.
Are you naming a restaurant? Naming a restaurant is no different than naming any other brand including online businesses, but there are a few do's and don'ts if you want to be successful. Keep reading more details below to discover tips and ideas to name your restaurant.

How To Successfully Name Your Restaurant

According to, "your restaurant name should be catchy." Customers that visit your eatery may not remember how your utensils look or the functions of your kitchen appliances, but they will remember your name. How well does your restaurant name sound when you say it out loud?

Your Name Should Stand Out

There are several ways to get your restaurant name to stand out. For example, incorporate your name with symbols. Using symbols in your name can give you a competitive edge. More importantly, symbols are visually appealing and leave a lasting impression on the minds of your customers. Many restaurants don't know about the advantage of using symbols for their restaurant name and miss out on allowing their name to stand out.

A Unique Restaurant Name Is Beneficial

Coming up with a unique restaurant name may take time, but it's worth the effort. Being unique will keep your restaurant on the top of the mind of your customers, pique their interest during an online search or when they're passing by your restaurant, and make them want to visit. People love unique businesses and expect to have a far better customer experience (CX) than with businesses with a bland name.

Do A Diligent Brand Name Search

There's nothing worst than choosing a name for your restaurant, but it's been trademarked by another business. It's Important to do a diligent search of the restaurant name that you choose to avoid legal ramifications or wasting your time.

You can check the U.S. Trademark website to see if another business has trademarked your prospective name and the search is free. The search is worth the effort to avoid disappointment on a name that you've chosen for your restaurant. In fact, it will help you avoid going back to the beginning process of naming your restaurant.

Popularize Your Restaurant Name

Choose a name for your restaurant by naming it after a famous book, movie, or TV show. Popularizing your restaurant name can start a conversation and stimulate the curiosity of potential customers. The following are an example of a few restaurants that have named their restaurant after a popular movie:

The Hobbit

Bubba Gump Shrimp Co.

Twin Peaks

Game of Thrones Pop Up Bar

Waking Dead Cafe

You can also name your restaurant after a famous song, sports team, or a comic book. For better success, the restaurant theme should also match the movie, song, TV show, or sports team you name your restaurant after.

Keep It Simple, But Fun

Keeping your restaurant name simple is also important because a name that your customers can't pronounce may lure them away from your restaurant and to your competitors. Think simplicity when you're choosing your restaurant name. For example, a one-word restaurant name can be a great way to keep it simple, but fun. If your restaurant name is too long, it can also impact your URL or .com domain name for your website.

Your Restaurant Name Should Be Marketable

Your restaurant name should marketable. When you're choosing a name, it should not be vulgar or offensive. A restaurant name that's considered rude to your customers can limit your success and stop your establishment from being marketable. If your restaurant isn't marketable, it can limit your visibility. You always want to choose a restaurant name that's customer-friendly.

How to Brand Your Restaurant to Attract Diners You can always come up with a restaurant name on your own, but there's nothing wrong with enlisting the help of a professional. The name of your restaurant has a major impact on your success and should be well thought out and geared towards pleasing your customers and business associates, but you should also be happy with the chosen restaurant name too.

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