Top 6 Reasons To Immigrate To Canada

Top 6 Reasons To Immigrate To Canada

Canada is a country that remains one of the most popular destinations for potential immigrants. With affluent cities, wide-open spaces, and several other benefits, Canada is counted among the happiest and safest nations on the planet. If immigration is in your mind, then you can choose to move to Canada to enjoy an enhanced lifestyle. Even though you can ask your Canada immigration consultant in Dubai about the reasons, we have listed some of the most indisputable ones here. Just take a look:

1. Safe and sound country

The low rate of crime in Canada is envied all around the world, particularly among its southern neighbors. Violent crime is quite rare and the number of gun ownership is almost 4-times lower than the USA. It has boosted the global reputation of the country and this is one of the reasons why Canada got an impressive 9.7/10 marks for security and safety by the OECD Better Life Index. The process of getting a firearm and gun license is also stringent and lengthy.

2. Education is everything

Canadians value education a lot. Therefore, the federal government ensures that all the young citizens will have easy access to the best education, irrespective of background. The government also spends more on education than any other nation in the world. Consequently, the kids of Canada perform quite well in the different fields and the different corners of the world. This, in turn, has developed a well-paid and well-informed society that offers outstanding career opportunities to the skilled candidates.

3. A melting pot of multicultural society

The Anglo-French culture of Canada was ingrained in the ‘national’ identity. Thus, it is no surprise that it is recognized as one of the most diverse countries in the whole world. Even it is relatively easier to settle in Canada as respect and acceptance are very much an ‘essential’ part of the country’s psyche. Simply put, Canada is always ready to embrace you if you want to go out, meet new people, and make friends.

4. Economic stability and strength

The images of mountains and lakes imprinted on the postcards are undeniably alluring but anyone moving here should consider the financial and other practical benefits of the country. Fortunately, this place has one of the most stable and strongest economies on the whole. It, as a result, offers countless job options for ambitious and skilled candidates. This financial security ensures a high-quality life for the citizens as well as immigrants.

5. Global healthcare system

The healthcare system of Canada is considered the fairest yet most accessible in the whole world. Most of the medical facilities are available free and funded by the ‘government; taxes. Every province is provided with a 'health' budget to manage locally and issue health cards to the eligible residents so that they can access the services available.

6. A paradise for food lovers

Regardless of the ‘dubious’ honor of inventing the famous Hawaiian pizza, the country has a ‘surprisingly’ sophisticated culinary scene. In cities like Montreal, Vancouver, and Toronto, you can easily find options for modern dining although a laid-back ‘Canadian’ style is also there. Even in other cities, you will also get some of the finest range of international cuisine i.e. Lebanese, Iranian, Thai, Indian, etc.

Summing Up

With more than 250,000 immigrants visiting and settling here annually, making Canada an idyllic destination to move to. There are ‘far too’ many reasons to add but these 7 have stirred your ‘wanderlust’. So, find and contact a trusted Canada immigration consultant in Dubai to get started with the process.

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