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What Is Amazon KDP ? How to publish eBook on Amazon KDP

What Is Amazon KDP ? How to publish eBook on Amazon KDP

Anonymous User774 03-Oct-2020

You may have seen many times about Amazon KDP on the Internet or have heard from someone, but do you know what Amazon KDP is and how to make money from it.

How Amazon KDP can prove beneficial for you. 

If you do not know about Amazon KDP, then this article will give you complete information about it. 

The full form of Amazon KDP is Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing. 

So let's first know in detail what is Amazon KDP? 

What is Amazon KDP? 

Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) is a service provided by the Amazon company. 

Using this service, you can self-publish your book on Amazon and start making money in 24 hours. 

Any author who has a book they want to publish has two routes: traditional publishing, where one publishing house publishes the book, and the other self-publishing, where the author publishes the book himself. 

Amazon KDP is a tool that an author can use to publish their work online. 

Amazon KDP provides a service using which anyone can self-publish a book and sell it on Amazon. 

Now you must be thinking that by writing a book and publishing it, the money will start coming. 

But it is not like that at all. You need the right planning and methods to publish the book, only then you can earn money with the help of it. 

So let us now tell you how you should start to publish eBooks and how you can publish eBooks. 

How to publish eBook on Amazon KDP 

You must have understood that it is easy to publish ebooks with the help of Amazon and the book can be published quickly. 

This gives authors time to focus on the most important part of publishing and writing that begins before the ebook goes to market. 

The author gets to spend a large amount of time on ideas, research, writing, editing and designing before the ebook is published. 

The complete steps and procedure to publish your entire ebook on Amazon KDP is as follows. 

Create a memorable, descriptive book title 

Design the book cover

Prepare your completed eBook lesson

Go through Kindle Direct Publishing Terms and Conditions and make sure that you do not violate any content and quality guidelines 

Go to your Amazon KDP account. If you don't already have one, create your account.

Go to your kdp bookshelf

Click on the "Create a new title" section, then click on the "Kindle eBook".

Follow the instructions and enter the required information for your eBook such as title, description, keywords, categories etc.

Upload and cover your eBook manuscript.

Click Preview to make sure everything is in order.

Select territories where you hold distribution rights

Choose a royalty plan based on your chosen eBook value

Now finally click on "Publish your Kindle eBook"

By following the steps mentioned above, you will be able to publish your eBook.

How to promote kindle ebook 

After publishing the book, the most important thing is to promote the book so that it can reach more readers than it can. You can promote your book with email, website and other outreach

If you have a blog, create a landing page for it

Get the word out by sending an email to your blog readers. Include a call-to-action such as your book, to get more information about your post on social media, what you need from them 

Start with a low introductory value. This can be a great way to increase sales 

Include details of your book in the email signature 

Engage with every feedback given. Reply to comments about your book. 

Like shared tweets about your book, say thanks for both positive and constructive feedback 

Add every positive feedback given to the landing page created on your blog so that the readers can get information about your book from other readers and get them thinking positively. 

Offer the book to a known person for free and get feedback from him. Add these feedback screenshots to your blog's landing page. This method will also help you to promote the book more and increase the cell.

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