10 Trends in Ecommerce to Consider For Boosting Your Business

10 Trends in Ecommerce to Consider For Boosting Your Business

The year 2020 is groundbreaking (and backbreaking) in many aspects, the Covid-19 and lockdown being the huge disruptors of global processes and business models. Suppliers and customers learned a few hard lessons along the way. So, draw useful conclusions and contribute to global economic stability by adapting your online business to the new reality – and by getting higher revenues.

1) Steady rise of mobile shopping. With millions of people staying home, the only way to purchase supplies and necessary items was to order them – typically via Internet. Consider that the phone has become inseparable from a modern lifestyle day and night and you get a clue where exactly these people do their online shopping. Yes, mobile shopping experiences a steady increase in volume and global turnover, so build ecommerce website for your business with mobile shopping in mind.

2) Augmented reality in shopping. Again: as new customers flock into online shops, the thorough exploration of the goods on sale has become even more important. Augmented reality technology allows ‘trying on’ clothing, ‘fitting’ the furniture into your home virtually and enhances buying experience at large.

3) Enhanced visual experience in shopping. Relates to previous one to some extent. People want to see more of the thing they buy. So videos, customers’ galleries and reviews with pics are bound to compel clients to buy.

4) New tools for cashless payments. Yes, no-touch payments, cashless payments, and other safe ways to buy things in the face of virus made customers love their devices even more. So use the newest (and varied) payment methods to attract people to your shop.

5) Environmental concerns and sustainability matters. More and more customers want to know that your commodities are ethical and ecologically friendly, and that your business contributes to sustainability. Focus on this aspect of business making, if you want to win over younger generations of clients.

6) Voice search. Home assistance devices like Alexa or Google Home enable hands-off shopping, where you just name items and the devices completes the order and payment based on your previous actions. Many people have already appreciated this way of shopping. So think how you can streamline buying processes on your site if more customers will entrust their Alexas with buying dog food and body care supplies.

7) Further personalization (but with option to opt-out of any additional information gathering and customization). Personalization of search and shopping is fine as long as it does not require too many personal data from us. So together with greater personalization and unique offers and experiences, ecommerce venues should offer ways to opt out of personalization altogether. The websites respecting privacy of customers will definitely be appreciated more.

8) AI gets more involved in customer’s experience. AI, although still in the process of refining, already improves customers’ interactions in the shop. Chatbots, customized offers and promos, augmented reality, virtual clothes fitting, testing of beauty products and many more options are only few of opportunities available with AI. Think what you can incorporate into your ecommerce site to boost customers’ involvement right now.

9) B2B field is expanding. As more people start their own small and medium business online or move their offline operations into online, the fast and efficient delivery of business-oriented services become a must. SaaS, cloud storages, cloud computing, site making etc. are all areas where growth will only increase. If you can provide such services, start advertising now.

10) Social media become more oriented towards commerce. Yes, Facebook, Instagram and similar platforms rearrange their activities towards making more money via sales and advertising. As users, we have mixed feelings about it. But as business people looking for opportunities, we can only welcome such changes and look for new ways to monetize or sell through new channels on the socials.

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