How to choose your web hosting?

How to choose your web hosting?

ust like a house requires land and an address, a website needs web hosting and a domain name. Even if your content is great, your content's SEO could be heavily penalized by poorly managed web hosting. Here are the 10 most important factors in selecting your web hosting in Lahore.

1. Specifications

The first thing to do is to identify your needs. Do you accept payments online? Do you store sensitive and confidential data? Do you expect constant growth?

You must assess your technical needs and the future of your business with a web specialist. A website to present a unique event that will never be repeated will not require the same resources as a corporate website that is permanent.

2. Security

When your website gets hacked, you quickly lose the trust of your internet users and that of Google. This drastically affects your professional image and your web SEO.

How to choose your web hosting?

This is why it is essential to host your assets in a professional and secure data center. Beware of companies whose facilities are located on their premises.

Since the many factors to be validated can be very technical, we offer a web analysis service that allows you to be supervised even if you are hosted elsewhere than at Magik Web. With your legal consent, we will test the security of your website to prove its reliability.

3. Performance

The loading speed of your website is mainly affected by two things. The quality of your website (its programming / code) and web hosting.

Again, if your installation is slow, it negatively affects your web SEO.

Sometimes even large companies have amateurish quality systems. To ensure minimum performance, ask if they have SSD hard drives and support HTTP / 2 protocol .

Test HTTP / 2 support

4. Price

A website is a 24/7 standing seller always available to post information and receive inquiries. Would you equip your dealer on the road with a car that is unsafe, slow, or breaks down every week? No, since it would negatively affect your sales. A website works the same way; without quality web hosting, your investment might never pay off.

Off road car

Hosting at $ 5 per month promises to be poor, slow, and insecure. This will jeopardize your online sales in addition to calling into question the seriousness of your business.

On the other hand, poor quality $ 80 per month web hosting exists as well. You need to mentor yourself with third-party specialists to ask the right questions.

5. Technical support

You are promoting and your website no longer works following the update provided for this purpose. As long as your website is not accessible, you risk losing sales. How can you reach the technical support team? Will you get an answer the same day?

Make sure you have a competent team that is always ready to support you through your web investments. While customer service is the most important element, it is often overlooked or ignored.

6. Autonomy

If you are not able to create an email for your business yourself, either through a control panel (cPanel, PLESK, etc.), you have a serious problem with autonomy.

Using such an interface, you can manage your emails, files, accesses, backups, SSL certificates, domain names, databases and more ...

Your web host should provide you with access to a control panel that allows you to do all kinds of first level actions.

7. Features

Here are some basic features that should be known before signing your contract.


Unless you are using a separate server, you will need business emails with your website. Learn more

SSL certificate

In 2016, all websites (without exception) should be protected by an SSL certificate. Learn more

Disk space

Have you planned for your business to grow?


Good bandwidth is needed to keep the website performing when the traffic is high.


It is the industry standard to have automatic backups. It is also common sense. Learn more

8. Technologies

Here are some generic technologies that your web hosting should have.

HTTP / 2 support

PHP 7+

MariaDB 10.1+

Linux and Apache

9. Scalability

This term in the context of web hosting means that the technologies you use evolve (update) without your intervention. You should benefit from the best technologies available on the market at all times for your safety and the image of your business.

10. Expertise

Our last tip and not the least; surround yourself with trusted specialists. An amateur host will not know himself that he is sending you to the abyss of the Web, but a specialist will validate the quality of the product and advise you if necessary.

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