How to Maintain Business Continuity and Growth during COVID

How to Maintain Business Continuity and Growth during COVID

It is a given that all of us have to remain mindful of COVID-19 and practice all recommended safety protocols both at home and at work. However, we do not want to give into fear or despair and start believing that there is no business possible at this time. Business is business and will remain so both during and after the pandemic. We neither want to bury our heads in the sand or act as if nothing is wrong. Rather, we want to ADAPT our businesses models to maintain a steady, ethical, and truly valuable customer experience.

The following four points have helped innumerable businesses adapt to the current marketplace and continue to move forward in spite of global setbacks and regional shutdowns. Implementing just one or two of these measures could make a huge difference in your overall profitability.

1. Express Appreciation for Your Customers

Nothing is more important than letting your customers know that you genuinely appreciate them. After all, your customers are the life of your business, and their value is truly immeasurable when you pause to consider where you would be if you had no customers at all!

While customer appreciation is good business practice in general, the current crisis we face makes it even more important than ever. Let your customers know you value their business, wish them success in the midst of trying times, and let them know they can depend on you if they need you no matter what.

There are many ways to reach out to customers, and almost all of them take only minutes to accomplish.

2. Use Zoom in place of personal meetings

Zoom has become so effective that everyone from newscasters to talk show hosts are using it. Still, many businesses have yet to take advantage of the face-to-face advantages that videoconferencing offers. This is ironic, because almost all of us on Facebook use Messenger to chat face-to-face with loved ones. Yet many businesses are reluctant to utilize the same technology when interfacing with clients.

As an organization, Zoom is very proactive in making its platform as effective as possible for businesses who cannot meet with their clients in person during the current crisis.

3. Use Digital Marketing for Lead Generation

Content was king long before COVID-19 came along, and nothing at this time stands any chance of taking it off the throne. Now, more than ever, you should be adding to your website news feed on a daily basis. There are many positive things you can find to write about, and short videos, ads, and graphics add visual impact to carry your brand forward into a marketplace that may be struggling, but is still financially viable.  

Digital marketing is not just a tool for new customer acquisition. In today’s market, retaining customers is just as important--and less expensive--than acquiring new ones. Keeping your brand in front of your customers is just as important as touching base with emails, Zoom meetings, and phone calls. When they need a vendor, you will be the first one to come to mind because you will be fresh on their mind.

4. Using Direct Mail and the Every Door Direct Mail program for Targeted Advertising

EDDM continues to prove itself one of the most powerful marketing tools available to businesses. Unlike typical “junk mail,” EDDM postcards feature high quality designs, branded content, powerful calls to action, and discount incentives. EDDM allows you to target specific zip codes and geographic regions. This is especially beneficial to local, private organizations who serve specific neighborhoods or communities. The cost is scalable to volume, and many EDDM shops offer bundled deals that include design and mailout.

It may be cliche, but the old saying “Never Give Up” speaks to us on a new level as we move toward the end of the fiscal year and face an uncertain holiday season. While trends vary dramatically between industries, one thing is common to all. Doing something is better than doing nothing. Businesses can do more than simply weather the storm--they can ride a few waves here and there that help them keep their customer base active and move forward a little at a time until better days arrive.  

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