3 Construction Tech Trends To Watch In 2020 and Beyond

3 Construction Tech Trends To Watch In 2020 and Beyond

Technological creativity and innovations have been growing all over the world. Because of these innovations there has been an introduction to a ground-breaking model in the lives of every human.

Once it has been introduced in our daily lives, it tends to lead a long way. Construction technologies and facilities happen to evolve constantly in terms of traffic cone, robotics or machinery. This has helped construction duties to be done quicker and safer, and that too in a more creative way which was not possible before.

This article will be focusing on some of the top 3 construction tech tends to watch out for in 2019 and beyond. So, without further ado:

1. Safety Signaling Equipment
In an area of ongoing construction activities, tool kits, safety kits or equipment are some of the essential tools or elements. The safety kits have evolved with time because of the change in technological models of planning and/or machinery.

Back in the day, safety kits included boots, helmets, safety jackets and goggles. But nowadays, the kits include much more as there was a need to include something innovative that can keep workers completely safe from different construction related dangerous jobs. Next, we will take a look into two new tech trends which should be used as safety signaling tools:

•    Automatic signaling traffic cone- Traffic cone is used mainly to show the way for the pedestrians or cars. They are also used to block their way from entering within a certain area as well. In today's time, you can see automatic signaling traffic cone that happen to use led lights that can be turned on during the night hours. They are now designed with attached sensors in order to provide signal in case a pedestrian or vehicle touches it or reach a spot that is dangerous.

•    Orion flares- Orion flares have been used as a part of safety tool kit for a long time now. Currently, it is used in many different ways for signaling purposes. They can be used for signaling about the location of some workers. In fact, its long duration can be used to signal people that they are not authorized to enter the area in question. Besides, they can be used as a source of light within the area of construction as well.

2. Rise of Green Technologies
To decrease carbon footprint of a business, choosing green technologies is a must. In fact, going green is one of the best ways to practice sustainable ways to manage business and other activities including construction activities. In fact, going green in case of construction has become widely famous. It is definitely a trend to look forward to in the coming years.

Green technologies can be defined as the technological innovation that can define the future of the earth and its inhabitants. Back in the day, construction activities and several unsustainable ways to conduct one’s business use to go hand in hand. However, things can be changed now for the better. Businesses are now adopting green technologies in order to reduce the pressure on natural resources.

Because of this change, construction businesses can cut out any extra expenses that can occur through the conventional or traditional means of doing different construction activities. So, green technological changes currently have been adopted in planning, management, demolition, maintenance and even recycling.

For example, some instances include use of cigarette butts for producing bricks, using plastic bottles for road construction, using highly efficient green machinery for constructing, recycling construction materials and waste building before dumping and use of biodegradable materials for making fences, barricades, traffic cone and much more.

3. Smart Wearables
Smart wearables like safety jackets to make the job site safer is getting a lot of consideration in the area of construction technology. Nowadays, different contracting businesses are investing more money than ever in order to develop wearable technologies that can track workers as well as equipment throughout the day.

These smart wearables have been able to minimize any kind of miscommunication that often leads to death or injury in the job site. Besides, it can even improve efficiencies and bring significant reduction in cost.

The future of smart wearable technologies will rely on use of biometric sensors, use of GPS and also environmental sensors that can detect the movement of an individual. The information will be transmitted to a central database and the information received there can help to co-ordinate the movement of equipment.

It can even monitor the health of individual workers. So, with such innovation workers can be saved from succumbing to hazardous environment issues or overheating.

Along with personal health, smart wearable technology like smart traffic cone can be used to alert the location of large equipment or other workers. This will definitely help to reduce accidents on job site that can lead to a serious injury or death.

There you have it, top 3 construction tech trends to watch out for in the coming years.

Last updated:9/10/2020 12:53:59 PM
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