Tips to help you create your business logo

Tips to help you create your business logo

The logo of a company can either make or break its rapport. A well-designed logo is capable of conveying the message to the audience that a brand is trying to communicate. But a shoddily designed logo fails to get the message across, and ultimately harms the company’s reputation.

That's the reason businesses don't mind spending a lot of money to create a memorable logo. At present, logos aren't just tiny symbols, but brand identities that get people hooked at a particular brand.

Here are some crucial tips to help you create a logo of your dream for your business.

1. Know your brand inside out

Before you hop on designing your business logo, make sure you have a thorough knowledge of your brand. Be reminded that your logo must reach your target audience and the target market. So, it’s of utmost importance to write down what your brand is all about. Figure out your brand’s ideology and possibilities it holds for the future.

You also need to look into your brand's personality. What's its tone — soft or hard? Which way does it want to present itself to the customers? You need to get the answers to these questions beforehand. The answers that you will uncover will guide you through creating your logo design.

2. Make a wise choice of colors

Colors have a pivotal role to play in determining your brand message. For example, the use of red color in the logo design sends out the message that the brand is passionate, aggressive, and lively. This means your brand is intended for young customers. The use of blue color in the logo evokes the feeling of intelligence, loyalty, and togetherness. That's the reason brands like Twitter and Facebook have their logos in the shades of blue.

To grab people’s attention, you can use bright colors. But make sure that these colors reflect your brand’s personality as well. Every color carries a meaning that creates a perception of your brand among customers. There is color psychology behind brands picking a specific color that today’s graphic designers use.

3. Determine the type of your logo

Do you want your logo design to feature your business name? If yes, that could be a great logo idea. The logo that includes the brand name as the main element is called a logotype. Coca-Cola, IBM, and RayBan are examples of a logotype.

If you go with the logotype, your brand name will be visible to your customers. It means your logo will become a promotional material for your company as well. The logo will reveal your company's name itself to the target audience. Businesses that are small and have restrictive marketing budget garner benefits from this type of logo.

If that’s not what you want, you can have a symbol as your brandmark. However, it will need you to spend a little more. Famous brands that use symbols are Apple, Twitter, Mac Donald’s, and more.

Besides, you can also think of having a combination logo. This logotype features both the symbol and the brand name. Such a brandmark showcases your company name and the message it carries.

4. Choose relevant fonts

Many graphic designers ignore typeface selection. They choose it randomly, which is a potential risk in logo design. The fact is, typefaces or fonts speak volumes about your brand's personality. For example, if your company deals in toys, the logo is most likely to have a hand-drawn typeface with a bit of fun in it. The idea is simple; children are your target customers. So, your brand should appear child-friendly.

Similarly, if your business is all about rock music, you can choose bold and stylish fonts relevant to your band. So, don't overlook font selection. Wrong font selection might send the wrong message to your audience.

Also, make sure not to use gimmicky fonts else it may harm your branding efforts. If possible, pick custom fonts specifically for your logo design. Take inspiration from suggestions that a logo maker provides you in case you're using this tool for logo creation.

5. Keep it simple and sober

Your logo should be something that sticks to the mind in just a single view. Ask any graphic designer, and they will suggest you keep your logo design simple. It's because simplicity attracts. When we talk about a simple logo, it means there shouldn't be more than two colors, fonts, or other elements. Your target audience should get the message at the very first glance of your logo.

Using too many colors, fonts, or elements may ruin that purpose. Look at the big brand's logos, and you will find that their logos are the simplest! Nike's loo is nothing but a swoosh mark, and Apple's logo is nothing but an apple with a bite. There are many examples out there. Take inspiration from them to create a simple logo! Visit sites like Designhill.


Creating a powerful logo design needs you to know your business inside out. Your logo shouldn't be intricate but simple to stick into people's minds. Your logo's overall visual appearance should covey brand message to the right people in the right way.

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