3 Great Ways Technology Can Make Life Easier

3 Great Ways Technology Can Make Life Easier

For the past few years, technology has tremendously revolutionized people’s lives and the world at large. It has created amazing resources and tools, putting information at the fingertips of many individuals. Beyond that, technology has paved the way for many functional devices, including smartphones and smartwatch. Computers and tablets have also become high-powered, more portable, and faster than before.

From experiencing an enriched personal lifestyle to making things more fun, technology continues to benefit people. Some of the ways technology can benefit people include:

1.    Secure Online Payments
It is not simple, and nearly impossible, to eliminate fraud. However, there are several ways technology can secure data and prevent it from falling into the wrong hands. Using Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) protocol will ensure you encrypt all your information to protect credit card details and other sensitive data. Mostly, it’s symbolized by a padlock icon next to the URL address on your browser.

If you are also processing payments on your website, the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) is a must-have. It offers guidelines for traders on what they have to do to protect their sensitive data. However, merchants don’t have to be PCI compliant, especially if they choose the correct payment service provider. Instead, they may leave it up to the payment gateway to obey the industry security standards. Alternatively, you can use other technology advancements to secure payments, such as:

•    Anti-fraud tools
•    3D secure
•    Tokenization

2.    Watch Favorite Shows
The rise of mobile devices and streaming services has transformed, and many people can no longer recall the last time they had instant access to media through smartphones. Such innovations have completely changed how people use media, and the main area that has been impacted is television.

According to the New York Times report, television viewership is strong in the US as the average person watches TV for five hours a day. Beyond that, top-streaming giants like Hulu and Netflix are now accessible by connecting your television with TVFix Caster that works on Android and iOS devices. All you need to do is plug the device into your TV’s HDMI port and wait for it to set up.

3.    Improve Health Care
Robotic surgery is applied to invasive procedures. During robotic surgery, professional surgeons may carry out complex processes that may be impossible or difficult. As technology continues to improve, it may be integrated with augmented reality to help surgeons view additional information about the patients they’re operating on.

Thanks to plastics, technology in the medical field allow doctors and scientists to join hands to create bioresorbable electronics, which may be placed in the brain and dissolve when they are no longer required. Because of their dissolving nature, they can reduce the need for surgeries. Apart from bioresorbable electronics and robotic surgery, medical experts can also use the following technologies:

•    Health wearables
•    CRISPR (Clustered Regularly Interspaced Short Palindromic Repeats)
•    Telehealth
•    Precision medicine
•    Smart inhalers
•    Artificial organs

Indeed, Technology is a Life-Changer!
Technology has completely changed many things in various ways. From bettering the medical procedures and watching favorite shows to securing online payments, technology makes life easy, comfortable, and better. Without it, everything from bringing family members closer to shopping online will be more prevalent.

Last updated:8/25/2020 11:53:51 AM
John Dave

John Dave

It is not simple, and nearly impossible, to eliminate fraud. However, there are several ways technology can secure data and prevent it from falling into the wrong hands.


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