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Bring Change to Your Career Through Data Analytics Certification

Bring Change to Your Career Through Data Analytics Certification

Aileen Scott 733 20-Aug-2020

The worldwide revenue in the big data market is heralded to grow from USD 42 billion in 2018 to USD 103 billion by 2027 says Wikibon. Overall, an estimated amount of 2.7 million jobs posting in the data analytics and data science field is projected to grow in the United States by the end of 2020.

But due to the pandemic, these numbers may vary, in fact, job opportunities can double its size when the year ends.
With companies becoming more data-driven, the demand for professionals in data analytics seems to increase. As big data is being adopted in every industry, you will start finding how businesses make use of analytics – from predictive maintenance analysis used in manufacturing plants to planning a route in the aviation field.
Big data and analytics projects to be the lifeline of a successful business. Below are some of the important factors mentioning why data analytics certification is needed for every big data player.

Salary hike

You will find multiple reasons why candidates prefer taking up certifications. However, one major reason includes monetary gains. According to the Social Security report, an average American professional earns around USD 50,321.89 per annum. But a quick search on certain popular job listing websites, they have concluded stating a job in the data analytics field often benefits the candidate since they’re likely to earn a raise. According to Payscale, the average salary of a data analyst per annum is USD 58,522. But as experienced in the data analytics field increases, the individual is likely to advance in their career with a better package. Opting a career in data science is another added advantage for a data analyst. A data scientist’s average salary income is USD 139,840 per annum.

But to get good packages and salary hikes, the individual needs to possess a unique set of skills. The reason why fresh graduates need to opt for certification programs to stay relevant to the current industry.
Demonstrates your passion

In the present day, hiring managers and recruiters are skeptic in hiring candidates for their organization, therefore they are seeking candidates who are career-driven and sincere about their career. It is said that a self-motivated candidate who thrives to grow their career in the data analytics field would have definitely earned a data analytics certification.
Another major benefit is that through a certification program, the individual gets an opportunity to work with real projects, thus providing sufficient hands-on experience in the field.   

Provide the eligibility criteria to work in multiple domains

Data analytics is an extensive field, therefore, candidates with skills are eligible to work in multiple domains like finance, entertainment, e-commerce, and retail, etc. all in all, countries like India, Italy, France, Germany, United Kingdom, and the United States have been hiring data analysts and data scientists at a rapid pace. Earning a professional certification in this field makes you eligible to take up job roles like data scientist, business intelligence professional, solution architect, and project manager, etc.

Also, skills that have been developed in a certain industry are likely transferable to another country or industry. Thus, one does not get tied up refraining from a single industry.

Consume less time as compared to a college degree

A college degree generally takes a longer time to achieve as compared to professional certifications. Students tend to spend more time and money learning academics. However, it is not the same scenario with the data analytics certification program.

A candidate gets the opportunity to work with projects and practice better. For instance, learning while working might take longer than expected. Also, organizations are keen to hire candidates with training and experience in the field.

Boosts credibility

A professional certification acts as a validation of your skills. When organizations seek to hire a data analyst for their firm, their first preference would be the candidates having a data analyst certification. It demonstrates as evidence of higher standards of education, thus obtaining a certification is highly recommended.

Keeps you in-sync with the latest industry trends

Staying relevant is the new norm these days. Else the individual might be laid off or asked to leave. As technology keeps expanding so will the skills for those who learn those technologies expand. Employers are interested in candidates with the latest and most relevant skills synced with the industry trends. Therefore, it is crucial to keep learning as a professional.

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