Why You Need To Make Seafood the Star of Your Meal

Why You Need To Make Seafood the Star of Your Meal

Where on one side, apart from all the delicacies and health benefits that seafood has to offer, it also comes with some greater benefits that simply prove SEAFOOD as the star meal of your menu. Some of the seafood dishes taste best when processed for long and holds the capacity to be consumed throughout the day. Popular fishes like Sardines, Salmon, and trout are high in omega-3s that is very healthy to intake. And the best part about the seafood is it even serves fewer calories when compared with other healthier options.

Not to mention it is easy to prepare and cooks faster than meat. You can make it sweet or savory, it comes with endless options to choose from. Some of the most popular options like shrimp and lobsters are more commonly preferred in seafood cuisines.

How does Seafood add Value To Your Meal?

With so many options like sushi, grilled shake, baked salmon, and seaweed rolls, there are endless Instagram perfect recipes you can create. However, a classic seafood dish like sushi, especially from My Sushi has a perfect blend of flavors. It has both proteins and richness of flavors.

According to some top chefs around the globe, seafood cuisines add more quality and value in your food. In case you are looking for fine seafood meals for a fine dining then below mentioned are some great seafood meals that you can try anytime!

Types of Seafood Meals You Can Add To Your Menu


Why You Need To Make Seafood the Star of Your Meal

Have you ever heard of sushi combinations? If not then nigiri is the perfect example. Well, it consists of thinly sliced raw fish that is firmly pressed on top of sushi rice. Though there are many forms of nigiri that you can find in both local and fancy restaurants, the one that comes with all traditional seasoning wrapped in seaweed tastes the best.

Grilled Shake

Why You Need To Make Seafood the Star of Your Meal

Grilled shake or baked salmon might sound simple to you but it’s a delicious meal to enjoy on weekends or a date night with your loved one. All you need to do is get a finely sliced salmon and go with some light seasoning. Once slightly seasoned, you can grill it on the pan and serve hot with soy sauce. If you are serving it for a special dinner then you can also use some side dishes that include kimchi, pickled radish, miso soup, or a bowl of sticky rice.

Kaki Fry

Why You Need To Make Seafood the Star of Your Meal

Do you want to change your meal plans for Tuesdays or other weekdays? Now with Kaki fry, it’s pretty easier to go with breaded and deep-fried oysters? All you need to do is get some fresh oysters that covers a couple of dollars (not too much). Once you got them, stir fry them with some authentic seasoning and serve hot with tartar sauce and lemon juice. Also, oysters are often enjoyed in winter when served hot so you can make some soup or rice to go well with them.


Why You Need To Make Seafood the Star of Your Meal

Kazunoko is a traditional Japanese dish that reminds of the delicious New Year feast. In Japan, kazunoko is more commonly known as Osechi Ryori, which is a lump of herring roe, is considered a delicacy. Do you wonder why? Well, it has the perfect crunch in every bite that gives a hint of salt and a bunch of flavors that simply explode in your mouth. And the best part about this meal is that it symbolizes prosperous families. So if you are enjoying this meal at your home, you are probably from one of the modest families (Which can be a MYTH).


Why You Need To Make Seafood the Star of Your Meal

Nabemono or nabe, both are the same things that hold an important value in the seafood menu. It is easy to cook. Do you wonder where you should begin? Well, chop vegetables and fish finely then dip them into the ponzu sauce which is delicately made by using traditional Japanese sauces and seasoning. You have to use ingredients like rice vinegar and soy sauce to make a dipping sauce for the extra flavor.

Egg Donburi

Why You Need To Make Seafood the Star of Your Meal

Donburi is commonly served with salmon and rice. You can also you any sort of topping for this dish and eat it anytime. It is a perfect seafood meal for lazy days where you don’t want to put too much effort into creating an awesome dish with so much to do. Just fry some eggs, chop green onions, add salt, pepper, and Voila! You’re good to serve.

What Benefits does It add?

Health Benefits

Seafood is a healthy mealtime choice. According to some random polls, most people say that seafood is healthier option especially for those who are pretty health conscious. Research shows that everyone should eat seafood at least once if not twice a week, and to include seafood in their diet plans as well.


Bringing so many different flavors, and options from shellfish to prawns seafood is best to satisfy your cravings. Its unique texture and flavor makes it worth making every day.

Better Skin

Who doesn’t like to have better-looking or glowing skin? Having seafood in most of our meals can help with increased production of much-needed vitamins to have better-looking skin.

Better Eyesight

Coldwater fish (Salmon, Tuna) are enriched with Omega 3 Fatty acids that helps with dry eyes and cataracts.

The Bottom Line

Who would have thought dieting or eating seafood every day could be fun? Well, it gets real when you have the right recipes to create your dish that taste simply delicious.

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